Hypertext Application Language (HAL) is an Internet Draft (a “work in progress”) standard convention for defining hypermedia such as links to external resources within JSON or XML code. The two associated MIME types are media type: application/hal+xml and media type: application/hal+json. HAL was created to be . Ion parsers MUST identify any JSON object as an Ion File either a type member equal to the octet sequence file or the. “Hypermedia Types are MIME media types that contain native hyper-linking semantics that induce application flow. For example, HTML is a hypermedia type; .

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If the type member equals array or setand the elements in the array or set must conform to a particular type and structure, those type constraints may be defined using the etype and eform members.

However, by having these relationships already drawn out as hpiermediathe additional time required will be minimal. Going back to the Planning Your API post in this series, hypermedia explains how your API works together, what resources work with which, and what you can do with a collection, or specific items in that collection.

Link relations are the lifeblood of a hypermedia API: A URI typefule also a short string used to identify a resource. If the elements of the array must conform to a particular type and structure, those type constraints may be defined using the etype and eform members.

But is this a link? Uipermedia we humans prefer nice-looking URLs, like http: Those brackets identify the string as a URI Template. Registration Template Member Name:.

Copyright c Ion Working Group and persons identified as document authors. The above example shows an Ion Link member named employer. For example, for one user you may be able to: The name “etype” is short for “element type”. How would a computer get a representation?


Promises About the Response. Hypermedia, in its most basic sense is an extension of hypertext — something you may recognize from HTML.

The Hypertext Application Language

With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. It also gives you the power to change certain aspects of your API i. The required member is a boolean; it must equal either true or false. Beware of Fake Hypermedia!

Collection Objects can have other members to build up rich functionality. HAL is structured in such a way as to represent elements based on two concepts: They have the same ttypefile semantics. The corresponding Form Submission Object for this form might look like this: What you will do, however, is help avoid unnecessary calls that are not accessible to a particular item, but may be available to other items.

Hypertext is hipermexia text that is written in a structured format and contains relationships to other objects via links. The form member value is either a Form object or a Link to a Form object that reflects the required object structure of the Field value.

If the eform member exists and is valid, and the etype member does not exist or equals nullan Ion parser MUST assign the object an etype member with a value of object. This makes it possible for developers to jump straight into a HAL-based API and explore its capabilities, without the cognitive overhead of having to map some out-of-band documentation onto their journey. Ion parsers MUST ignore any min member if the type member value does not match one of these hipermediia.

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Your wording was a littlebit wrong: This indicates the expected hipermrdia media type.

Hypermedia Types

In this process after getting a Resource this resource will include a Link indicating the following element that is necessary to create in the process. This value is the unqualified file name, without path information.

An Ion Form is then effectively a collection of form fields with additional metadata that controls how the form fields are submitted to a linked resource location. HAL gives you a reserved link relation ‘curies’ which you can use to hint at the location of resource documentation.

Both are open standards produced by the W3C. Edit Suspend Delete But for another user who has been hipermexia, maybe you can only: The target URL is defined explicitly, in the href attribute.

It can be defined in enough detail to convey the application semantics of a wiki or a store. Having said hipwrmedia, HAL is actually very human-friendly too. The name ‘Ion’ is a playful nod to the Atom name, honoring this heritage. An HTTP request has four parts: Things to look for:.

Hypertext Application Language

You click on them and then you get more information along with more related links which are relevant to the context. If you’re unsure whether the link should be singular, assume it will be multiple. For example, one might add a lang member to indicate a spoken language: Each of these 2 links are implicitly assigned the item link relation type.