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How to Make a Flash Bang (Flash Grenade): this instructable will teach you how to make a quick and easy Flash Bang. this was not my idea, i found it on. It’s been a long day of fighting crime and the forces of darkness. You’ve kicked ass, sent some baddies to prison and saved a puppy all in. While this reaction will not be fast enough to cause a massive explosion it will reduce the shelf life of the “flash bang”. The magnesium will be.

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They use it in processing meats and fertilizers, just don’t chow down on it. We don’t get paid much. Being the officer responsible for accidentally demolishing a building may be career negative. This is a joke right? The use of one issued by the police armourer, would be considered legitimate, The use flqshbang a DIY version would probably cost an officer his good standing and his job salary and pension.

Until then, the points here are well-put, and I will NOT be attempting this. Edited by Switch3Z, 22 June – I’m sure I’ll have hommade questions.

I never did very well in chemistry. Are we going to suggest that Switch3Z also purchases red phosphorus to make strikers too with all the drug cook connotations that may harm his?

It IS something I’d like to research, and perhaps develop down the road. But that’s my take I’ll try to look for those, it sounds exactly like what I’m looking for.

Flashbanv don’t want anything catching on fire, but I want hommemade effective I might be able to create, and keep in my cruiser if needed. Sign In Need an account? And not more then grams at once! Anyway, a bermuda is a special way of making firecrackers.


KNO3 is mainly an irritant and I don’t think a little bit will harm you. Until said testing happens, you’d probably be in more trouble than if one of us were to throw an explosive into a person’s home. Mumbles brings up a very good point with using the device. Engineering, Pyrotechnic chemistry, guitar, rock climbing, 4×4 offroading Community Forum Software by IP.

Makeshift Flashbang? – Newbie Questions – APC Forum

Debris Flame Price Effort needed to build multiple items I know this sounds extremely odd, but anyone in law enforcement might agree it could be useful in certain situations. Liability for a home made pyro device in law enforecment could be rlashbang juju. I think that puts him on the level by fairly saying so ahead of time. It gives a loud report with a very bright flash. I’ll stick to the simple stuff unless you can break it down into kindergarten terms.

A flashbang grenade is certainly way to expensive to be using for “small-deal house clearings” times a night. The metal, german dark is a very fine powder that is dangerous too because it could cause alzheimer on the long term when it is inhaled, or for dust-explosions.

I’m not an expert by any means.

Makeshift Flashbang?

But never mind, I think my questions been answered. If the need is peculiar to your area then supplies from bomemade military may be a way to go, by arrangement through a very senior officer.

You may wish to do so, but you cannot find it in your training notes! Posted 23 June – Building left as a burning blasted wreck but all hostages out.


That would scare the hell out of them If you’re making smoke bombs dont burn the sugar if you melt it, else the whole thing will combust. When we clear abandon houses, or at alarm calls, we never use anything but a flashlight and our guns, unless of course, it’s a felony in progress.

If you casually inhale smoke bomb smoke, it’s not really an issue. It’s made with only a few strips of paper fold in a special way search google for a folding-guide. The powder that is used, is flash powder caution! Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Now, I started thinking about it a few weeks ago You currently have javascript disabled. Oh yes, as well as the IED problem there is the striker.

I’m thinking with my wallet here as well. There is a lot of testing and approval that goes into the full sized ones, and these would not be exempt.

That the military run a very different style of operation is very obvious. Mabye buy a ridiculously overpowered flashlight – would be a way to temporarily disorient people without getting into lawsuit territory? Everyone would have been more upset if Switch3z stated at a much later time that he was LE. I’m a Police Officer here in Georgia, and I have a love for very simple pyro.

Posted 26 June –