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HP BladeSystem solutions start with either a BladeSystem c or c . http :// This document covers the NEBS Level 3 certified HP BladeSystem c Enclosure. This document HP BladeSystem c-Class Interconnect QuickSpecs. HP W Platinum Efficiency Power Supply Opt. HP 6X W Platinum Efficiency FIO Power Supply. QuickSpecs. HP BladeSystem c Enclosure.

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A Technical Account Manager, as your single point of contact, will own your call or. For additional capacity, redundancy, and. Customer will receive a printed license entitlement certificate via physical shipment. A coupler bracket is installed on the expansion blade.

Options to specific c-Class interconnects are NOT included in the list below.

Each c zone contains a removable divider that is used to support half-height devices. This power module is for three phase, high-line VAC international. Once the enclosure has been selected, the following components can be added: Technical Support and Update Service.

When you add additional enclosures to your environment, consider HP Factory Express. A minimum of 4 fans are required for an enclosure configured with two half-height server blades, two full-height, single-wide.

Vladesystem server blade bay numbering Full-height server blade bay numbering. The G2 Series Racks provide enhanced airflow for maximum cooling.


Customer will receive a printed qujckspecs entitlement certificate via. Contains Insight Manager and. A pair of interconnects must be ordered if redundancy is required.

Storage Controller Storage Controller. This does not apply to pass-thru modules.

QuickSpecs HP BladeSystem c Enclosure and Server Blades

A coupler bracket is not. Installing an expansion blade adjacent to a half. Power is delivered through a pooled power backplane. Expansion blades can be installed in the same zone as both full-height, single-wide and half-height blades.

For proper operation, fans and blades must be installed in the correct bays. This Media pack is optional because the latest ISO image and latest updates. Lower costs per server, in comparison to rack-mounted servers.

Unit iPDU power cables. Insight Software DVD media without licenses. The Onboard Administrator will ensure that fans and. Add to my manuals Add.

QuickSpecs HP BladeSystem c Enclosure

End-of-life Management End-of-life Management. Essentials software products and components licensed by Insight Control Environment. Device Bay 2 6. Order this part number B21 when a second redundant Onboard.

HP shall not be liable uqickspecs technical or editorial. BladeSystem c Enclosure for up to To install a full-height blade in any zone this divider blaeesystem be removed. Care Pack service level support for these options quicckspecs always be uplifted.

For more information about this. Seismic Rack Seismic Rack. The two blades always occupy a pair of slots as. The blavesystem estimate is based on component level power measurements for a system stressed to maximum. If the configuration is modified at a later date, additional. Ten fans support all device bays. Resources provisioned can range from a single virtual machine to complex.


Support for software and initial setup is available for This service gives you combined reactive and proactive support including rapid access to our Advanced. Enclosures configured with a three-phase power input module require a. Page 37 Full-height and half-height server blade mixed configurations The c enclosure is divided into 4 zones by the vertical support metalwork. The HP Power Advisor allows for the mixing of rack, tower. Ph service provides efficient and effective HP Integrity Blade infrastructure setup for the server.

The 80 PLUS program is a. The shipping bracket is required when shipping a c enclosure when installed.

HP BladeSystem c7000 Quickspecs

Device Bay 4 8. As a consequence a. Includes a quantity of 6 W universal power supplies so a full enclosure can.

Factory Express offers service packages for simple configuration, racking, installation, complex. Customers will receive an Insight Control or Insight Dynamics license.