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PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. By Myrna F. Jones. See allHide authors and affiliations. Science 23 Nov Hymenolepis may refer to: Hymenolepis (plant) · Hymenolepis (tapeworm) · Disambiguation icon. Disambiguation page providing links to articles with similar . 1. Science. Nov 23;68() PRELIMINARY NOTE ON THE LIFE HISTORY OF HYMENOLEPIS CARIOCA. Jones MF. PMID:

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From each of these apical branches a nerve m comes off to enter the rostellum. The structural resemblance is certainly too great to allow of their separa- tion into two different subgenera, if one of the subgenera is also to contain H. The cirrus pouch cpseminal vesicle vsand seminal receptacle sr are usually easily recognizable in toto specimens. Caarioca the point of union of each of these eight nerves with the ring, a branch of nerve fibers passes outward over the surface of the adjacent sucker.

In the segments imme- diately following, the anterior mass of cells has begun to arrange itself into a layer enclosing a central cavity; the uterine duct from the shell gland has grown longer, and become bent back and forth.

In these segments the anterior end of the uterus is more or less ex- posed. Brief synopsis in Braun Surrounding each sucker near its posterior pole is a circular ring or zone of nerve fibers, lying in the same horizontal plane as the transverse cerebral commissure, and joined to it at its point hymdnolepis union with the lateral nerve. Both forms possess unilateral genital pores, reproductive canals dorsal to the nerve and excretory canals, three testes, a large sac-like vesicula outside the cirrus pouch, and a sec- ond smaller one within.

In mature segments the vas deferens is expanded within the cirrus pouch to a large seminal vesicle fig. To arrange them according to Cohn’s system it would be necessary either to neglect their internal anatomy or to sup- pose that H. A tape-worm which Cohn 98a considers the true T. During this portion of the course of the two canals they are connected by numerous smaller vessels which pass at intervals from the dorsal canal forward and outward to the ventral vessel.


During the growth of the uterus hymenooepis number of infoldings arise in its wall, mostly in the form of tubular processes, a few of which meet and fuse to B. Untersuchungen iiber das centrale Nervensystem der Cestoden. The outer layer fig. Through the kindness of Dr. The similarity between the eggs is obvious. Scarcely larger than a coarse thread at its posterior end, it tapers gradually anteriad, becoming exceedingly tenuous at the neck.

Frontal section through a mature segment No. Zur Morphologie des Taenien-scolex. It is likely that in many cases hymenolepsi which cilia have been described lining the cuticula-covered inner surface of the 11 i66 B.

Osservazioni generali sul modo di adesione dei Cestodi alia parete in- testinale. Upon the basis of Cohn’s classification we should refer it at once to the subgenus Drepanidotaenia. The possession of hymenooepis suckers by a species of Hymenolepis is significant in that it demonstrates how little importance can be attached to such a character in establishing generic relationships.

At its maximum it extends from one excretory canal to the other.

Fibers faintly indicating such a ring are sometimes seen fig. A few dorso-ventral fibers are also found in these regions.

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In the center of the anterior surface is the small orfice of the cavity of the rostellum. Die im zoologischen Museum der Universitat Halle aufgestellten Ein- geweidewiirmer nebst Beobachtungen iiber dieselben.

MEGALOPS 1 59 hand, that the external characters are peculiar enough to enable one to identify it easily, and with little or no chance of error. Within the pouch is found a further system of fibers fig. The Nervous System in the Cestode Moniezia expansa.

PoultryDVM Pathogens A-Z | Hymenolepis carioca

I am able to confirm Grassi’s observations, in part, as I have sections of H. These cells are to all appearances exactly similar to the cells found in the same position but carilca much greater numbers in Taenia transversaria, Taenia expansa, and Calliobothri- um coronatum, described by Zschokke 88 as prostate glands.


Both the cirrus pouch and the vagina are dorsal to the nerve and the ex- cretory canal. Farioca yolk gland yg is spherical or ovoid, 30 p.


Four membranes may be distinguished surrounding the oncho- sphere fig. Creplin 25 found in the rectum of Anus mania a specimen 54 mm. This bulb is apparently homologous to the vaginal sphincter of Drepanidotaenia lanceolata described by Wolff hiigel 00a.

The posterior margins are not prolonged back- ward to any extent, so that there is little or no overlapping of the segments. The central portions are continuous, while the peripheral portions are separated from one another by the constrictions. The bundles of this layer are of about the same size throughout the strobila, and hence in the posterior segments fig.

The origin of the outer layer is similar to that of H. Near the middle of the rostellum the dorsal vessel on each side unites with the ventral vessel so that two closed loops are formed. In the regions where the zones approach one another they are connected by interlacing fibers. They are very thin and close together, and run around the vagina in a circular direction, so that in a longitudinal section they appear as a thick coat of cilia.

These two forms are very closely allied, and are much more similar to one another than to H. There are the same i68 B. Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Vogelhelminthen. Four individuals of this tapeworm were collected by me, March, iooi, from the rectum of a pintail duck, Daffla acuta, shot on the Missouri river near Columbia, Mo.