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“5 Hypnobabies scripts in a booklet, including our very important Visualize Your Birth script (which is not in the home study course)” 1) What are. The first week of the Hypnobabies home study course was very enjoyable! not judge your unique experience of hypnosis using the Hypnobabies CD’s/scripts. I used this script at my Hypno-Doula Training Workshop last week and I remembered that it is free to anyone who wants to try it! It is a script that.

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Q Should I take a Hypnobabies class or do the home study course? A Our Hypnobabies Home Study Course for Expectant Mothers is being used with great success by mothers all over the world right now, and it contains the same basic curriculum, hypnosis scripts and cues, but we suggest that anyone who is near a Hypnobabies Instructor take our Hypnobabies Class with a Certified Hypnobabies Instructor HCHI certified.

The benefits of attending a Hypnobabies Class include:. It is also great practice for the Birth Partner to use his deepening cues and techniques that help the mom so wonderfully during labor.

This helps build the confidence level of Mom and the Birth Partner tremendously.


Class #1 – Hypnobabies Home Study Course

A lot of kidding and just plain silliness happens in my Hypnobabies classes. Camaraderie is not to be underestimated.

Some women take classes early in their pregnancy, and practicing Hypnobabies helps them to be relaxed, comfortable and confident for the rest of their pregnancy. Others start later, when they know they can devote 45 minutes daily to practicing.

Childbirth Preparation Methods: Hypnobabies – Transcript

Call us to discuss which start date would be optimal for you! They participate fully in each class, and with each hypnosis script.

You remain deeply in hypnosis, confident and calm, even while moving and changing positions. Your Hypnobabies hypno-anesthesia allows you to experience all the power of childbirth without the discomfort.

Hypnobabies Classes – Frequently Asked Questions

Hypnobabies requires that you commit to spending gloriously relaxing minutes a day; this is the reason Hypnobabies Moms enjoy such high success rates. Like computer data entry.

Later, when you want to edit that document, you find the file name and open it, add to the document text and save it again. When you are completely finished with your document, you find the file by its name, complete and ready, and print it out for your use.

In doing so, you train your inner mind, just like entering text, what to accept.


Hypjobabies week, you add a little bit of training, just like the text in your document, and your inner mind creates a new belief system about childbirth. It accepts that the normal birthing sensations that you will have when you give birth; pushing, pulling, stretching, pressure sensations, will indeed be there, but without discomfort attached to them.

You train it to accept cues and techniques to bring you deeper into relaxation and hypnosis, and when you use them on your birthing day, just like printing out your document, they are there for you automatically!

Class #1 – Hypnobabies Home Study Course

Your mind is very powerful and is capable of creating the deepest physical relaxation possible as well as a very comfortable birthing experience. If you are doing the program with your partner, it also gives you hgpnobabies a reason to take 30 minutes each day to spend time together.

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