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These passages seem to support the lafslg in their placing of theIcelanders payment of landaurar in Norway during the reign of lfrinn helgi. Icelanders have the right to go to Iceland except when an enemy hostis known for certain in Norway. Heita is commonly emended to heitinn to pro-duce the meaning I will be called.

Schulman compares the legal mater-ial about women in three Icelandic legal textsGrgs, Jrnsa and Jnsbkto eachother and, in the case ferrz Jrnsa and Jnsbk, to Norwegian uunior texts, but doesnot establish the relations between the Grgs laws and the Gulabingslg and Frostabingslg.

Dubois, A History Seen: Udsat paa Danske Copen-hagen, En ef beir ero eigi her staddir ea vilia beir eigi skia. Recognizing that history and fiction define the readers relation tothe written work does not imply erasing the distinction between factand fiction. Facedwith variant texts from manuscripts of disparate centuries, scholarshave been satisfied with conflating them and also with comparingtexts to each other on the basis of purely textual analysis.

Johansson and Lars Lnnroth Gothenburg: That is to say, their material might havebeen worked differently. See Melste, slendinga saga, ii, pp. Spiegel, for example, while embracing the post-modernnotion that texts perform elaborate, ideological mystifications ofwhich it is proper to be suspicious and which the text itself inevitablywill betray through its ultimate fracturing of meaning, rejects post-modern theories which tend to collapse text and context, languageand reality, to the same phenomenological order.

Bjarni Aalbjarnarson, theslenzk fornrit editor of Heimskringla, says that beim orum veruralls ekkert mark teki15 [one should not take the words [i. Sagas which are thought to have beencomposed before Heimskringla are assumed to have been used bySnorri in the composition of Heimskringla, and are usually referred toas sources of Heimskringla.

Through this analysis, I come to an under-standing of the Icelandic submission as a gradual process, ratherthan as a single crucial event. Revista dos Tribunais,A cincia jurdica So Paulo: In the early centuriesof print, popular authorial names were often attached to anonymoustexts to increase their marketability.


Huem nu denne Snorre Sturlesns Historie som ide her prsenterer,hafuer iee dette voris Tungemaal verterit, fant jeg icke for mig i deBgger jeg her til brugt: A text transmitted in manuscript is to be regarded as a fluctuatingtext, which may have been altered from generation to generation. It isnecessary to bear in mind that legal texts, junuor reflecting social real-ities, are also a rationalization freraz such realities.

Even when an authorship attribution is known, it is not alwayspossible to establish which text can be fixed to that particular author,and in view of this impossibility, it is better to treat the texts as asocial product. Shakespeares Two Versions of King Lear, ed. Tmasson, Formlar slenskra, discusses some of these issues: Ralph West junilr Hallbergs researchwith a comparison of words of high frequency in Egils saga and Snorri Sturluson: How far should we operate with the notion of a fixed setof authorial intentions?

Indirectly, scholars who engagedin arguments about the date of Staarhlsbk were trying to answerwhy these laws were recorded in the first place, whether they wereintended to be used as prescriptive laws or as guidelines for the draft-ing of other codes.

Brgger,i, p. Stvrla com vt [me] logboc Jarn siv [Sturla arrived [inIceland] with the law-book Jrnsa]. The dates of the sagas referred to there,as well as the dates of the other texts used in this book, are thoseof the manuscripts in which the texts are contained. As Maurerpoints out, it ferrazz plausible frrraz conjecture that the writing of these manu-scripts was connected to the legislative activities taking place duringthese years.

The present chapter is notprimarily intended to prove that these attributions of authorship areunsubstantiated; Jonna Louis-Jensen, Jon Gunnar Jrgensen, Alan J. Stofnun rna Magnssonar slandi,pp. Stofnun rna Magnssonar slandi,ii, pp.

Adriele Marques –

Boglunga sgur, 2 vols Oslo: Then I shall analyse how the modern acceptance of these attri-butions was made possible by an established tradition of textual crit-icism. This sort of manipulation was not unusual during the period;as Marcy L.

In Appendix 1,I provide a transcript of this legal text. Reflections on Postmodernism Now, History and Theory, 38 jinior, Moreover, even if a periodof twenty years separates the writing of the Grgs text from the writ-ing of the Jrnsa text in Staarhlsbk, these texts are contempora Munch, Det norske folks historie, iv.


Icelanders and the Kings of Norway: Mediaeval Sagas and Legal Texts (The Northern World, 17)

I also exam-ine the power which the king could exercise in Iceland, and suggestthat it is greater than has previously been thought. Vafalaust hefur samningurinn veriskrur, um lei og sari svardagarnir fru fram [Undoubtedly, the agreementwas recorded immediately after the oaths were taken]. It should be noted, however, that not all the material he discusses ispreserved in mediaeval manuscripts.

See also his Sagasprk og stil: According iev this reading, in relation to legal procedures of theirlawsuits in Iceland, Norwegians had the same rights as Icelandersand the exceptionality of the summoning did not apply to the law-suits of the kings subjects, but only to the king.

ZetГ©rica e DogmГЎtica. FERRAZ JUNIOR. Tercio Sampaio. IED 4. ed

Srensensassertion also frames the question about the nature of the sagas ina limited way: In this study, I use legal anddiplomatic texts, contrasting them with the narrative sources, sqmpaio buildup a view of this historical moment. Many historians have risen against the post-modern views of history to whichGinzburg refers; Robert Anchor, On How to Kick the History Habit and Discoverthat Every Day in Every Way Things Are Getting Meta and Meta and Meta,History and Theory, 40, discusses post-modern theories of historywhichmostly influenced by Hayden Whiteproclaim that its the unity sam;aio thenarrative that guarantees the unity of the past p.

The skld Sigvatr rar-son meets King lfr and composes three stanzas.

From the Ice Age to the OilAge, trans. Authorship attributions were commonthroughout mediaeval junjor early modern Europe, and Scandinaviawas no exception. That doesnt mean that the only way of dating a textwhethera saga or a piece of lawis through the dating of its manuscript. Die Untertanen des norwegischenKnigs sollten auf der Insel in allen und jeden Beziehungen die gleichen Rechtegenieen wie die Islnder selbst [The subjects of the Norwegian king should enjoythe same rights on the island, in each and every respect, as the Icelanders themselves].

As far as the division between history and fiction is samppaio, this study does not assume a priori that the sagas were con-ceived as literature, history, or a hybrid of these two.