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A Printer Maintenance Manual Font Caching Most of the imaging time during msnual creation is spent converting character description data into character images. Page 64 C o d e 39 NugFont The port is wired as a data terminal equipment DTE device. Web Support Visit the Intermec web site at http: Static charge is created through friction from people walking, conveyor belts, paper moving through a printer, and wheelchairs.

A pulse is generated after a link from channel 0. Read and follow all of warnings and cautions in this book before handling and operating Intermec equipment. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Operating The Printer If these parameters are not supplied, default values are substituted. To achieve the highest quality label, print the hardware configuration label at a speed of 3 ips inches per second.

Intermec 3400 Manuals

Manuap addition, printing of the label must finish before a second label is imaged. If the number of image bands is too low, internec printer aborts the label before printing is completed and attempts to reprint the label at the slowest speed 2 ips with mmanual highest number of image bands. See the next table, Minimum and Maximum Media Dimensions, for specific media dimensions. The printer resets a portion or all of its memory. Communicating With The Printer Downloading is the universal term used to describe the transfer of information from the host to any connected peripheral device, such as your printer.


VR1 is rated at 1. If you need slack to separate the printhead and cable, unplug the cable from the main PCB and pull some of it through the cutout in the main deck plate.

Full text of “Intermec Service Manual”

Code Page Character Table The output is then used to determine the start intermsc print point. To eliminate the effects of voltage overages and underages, install an uninterruptible power supply UPS or install a dedicated circuit for the printer and the host computer. This sensor is located under the label pathway across from the platen roller. Impulse noise on the power line can also cause the printer to lockup or reset. Replace the platen roller or printhead.

Printer Operation Problems To replace the platen roller, the platen roller gear, or both parts, you will need some or all of the following parts and tools: See Chapter 7, “Replacement Parts,” for a complete list inetrmec spare parts. Uploaded on Jul 21, If “repair” is the removal and replacement of a key printer component, refer to Chapter 5, “Remove and Replace Procedures.

Intermec 3400 User Manual

This chapter also contains procedures for making adjustments and alignments that ensure the printer is operating normally. The printhead adjustment lever is not positioned as needed. Media can be made of plain paper, polyester, thermally reactive paper, or other materials with adhesive backing and ribbon. At this point the printer does not attempt to interpret any printer commands, but simply prints each character and its hexadecimal equivalent as it is received.



The second label could begin printing immediately after the first with no delay, which suggests that the only print delay encountered would be during the time when the first bands of the first label were imaged. All of these protocols are point-to-point except Multi-Drop. Try the solution given for the respective symptom to attempt to correct the problem.

To adjust the label mark sensor potentiometer sensitivity 1. Customers may be held legally responsible for any copyright infringement that is caused or encouraged by their failure to abide by these terms. What Is An Image Band The number of image bands in inches does not have to equal the length of the label since intermc printer recycles the image bands.

The RAM is configured ihtermec Kx8. D45 II D46 1! Insufficient room in RAM to store format. You can define up to 16 fonts, but there may not be enough room depending on the amount of memory being used for other purposes. These inputs control the stepping of the motor.