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Have you forgotten your login? Peng Anand Raichoor 16 Matthew A.

Brent Tully Hongxin Zhang 17 Details. Jean-Charles Cuillandre 2 AuthorId: Patrick Hudelot ifu AuthorId: Pierre-Alain Duc 4, 5 AuthorId: Balogh 6, 7 AuthorId: Alessandro Boselli 8 AuthorId: Eric Emsellem 11, 12 AuthorId: Giuseppe Gavazzi 13 AuthorId: Olivier Ilbert 8 AuthorId: Andres Jordan 14 AuthorId: Henry Joy Mccracken AuthorId: Yannick Mellier 15 AuthorId: Anand Raichoor 16 AuthorId: Hongxin Zhang 17 AuthorId: We present observations of the central 4 deg 2 centered on Virgo’s core region.


The data were acquired with WIRCam on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, and the total integration time was 41 hr distributed over 34 contiguous tiles. A survey-specific strategy was designed to account for extended galaxies while still measuring accurate sky brightness within the survey area.

Star clusters are marginally resolved in these image stacks, and Virgo galaxies with mu Ks similar or equal to Combining the K-s data with optical and ultraviolet data, we build the uiK s color-color diagram, which allows a very clean color-based selection of globular clusters in Virgo.

This diagnostic plot will provide reliable globular cluster candidates for spectroscopic follow-up campaigns, needed to continue the exploration of Virgo’s photometric and kinematic substructures, and will help the design of future searches for globular clusters in extragalactic systems.

Equipped with this powerful new tool, future NGVS-IR investigations based on the uiK s diagram will address the mapping irdu analysis of extended structures and compact stellar systems in and around Virgo galaxies. Friday, January 20, – 1: Wednesday, December 19, – Peng, Patrick Cote, et al.