AKO Account Registration and ISOPREP Instructions G-3/5/7 – G3-SOD (PR) Access AKO online at this web address Click here to register for an account 03 July. offices for further instruction. • Military: Contact your Q: I was able to complete my ISOPREP in the SIPRnet, to include uploading my current photos. Have I. The Wonderful ISOPREP process I have tried You can also find help viewing the ! The PDF illustrates the ISOPREP Process.

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This applies to all military, Army Civilian, and contractor personnel supporting Army forces. Hats or sunglasses are not acceptable. Prescription eyewear should not be worn. Profile-view photo can be any side-view photo which clearly displays facial features and natural hair style and color. Both photos should present a predominant view of the head without obstruction and be less instructoins one year old. Hats are not allowed, eywear is not recommended. No obstructions to full view of head and facial features.

Us Army Training: Isoprep Us Army Training

Head facing to either side, not front Profile view facing either direction is acceptable. Ethnic Group Valid entries are: Civilian Personnel with no government issue select appropriate commercial sizes and annotate this under Additional Information section below Primary Language refers to the primary language spoken for duty purposes in current assignment when communicating with other DoD employees and personnel 03 July.

If not, box should be de-selected and all entries will default to closed position.

The Army s PR philosophy is one of leadership and accountability. Instrucitons not, box should be de-selected. Once again, if unable to complete at least four of the six sections, contact your PRO. Commanders must ensure all assigned Soldiers, DA Civilians, and Contractors understand that entry of accurate and up-to-date data is critical to successful recovery operations in the event that they become Isolated, Detained, Missing, or Captured.

Make sure corrections are formatted correctly if applicable and that all shaded areas are corrected. Pedro When finished with corrections, click the submit button at the bottom of the page again. Instrudtions all data entries are valid proceed to the certificate page next instructoons. If errors still exist, repeat the steps on this slide. To reproduce certificates return to insructions screen and select certificate from the tabs at the top of the page.

All other survey data is stored on the PRMS system. PRO-File was developed to make it easier to meet this requirement and standardize the format across the force. I am a tactical commander with thousands of troops to manage. What benefit does my command receive from participation in the PRO-File program? The new system automates the entire process. PRO-File is also the first tool for this purpose available to every Soldier, regardless of security clearance or duty assignment, that can be completed at home or in their barracks.


I only have 90 training days left until my unit deploys.

Why should I shift focus to filling out online surveys when my Soldiers should be conducting tactical training? PRO-File was developed with insteuctions command s time management in mind so that you can continue with your training plans without significant impact.

If I allow my Soldier s to do this on their off-time, how will I track their completion for pre-deployment? Your PRO or PR staff-section has the ability to track, instrcutions, who in your command has or has not completed a survey within a five minute window of accuracy. Do I have to complete the survey? Can I submit my survey without one?

Current photographs isoorep critical for recovery forces to positively identify you if you are isolated. You must provide digital photographs for the survey. I have completed the survey and printed my certificate. Now what do I do? Keep a copy of your certificate for your records and then provide a copy to your immediate supervisor or your Personnel Recovery Officer PRO.

You can return to the site any time to print a copy of your certificate. You should only have to complete the survey one time during your military instructionns. PR managers can transfer your data to your gaining UIC when you out-process your losing unit. What if my information changes, or I realize that I made a mistake on my survey? You have two options to correct information provided insrructions PRO-File.

First, you can visit the survey site and complete a new survey. What can I do if I receive an error when I submit my survey? Each error message will automatically be reported to the PRO-File system administrator. Follow the provided e- mail link; they will assist you in completing your survey.

Non-technical issues or general questions dealing with command guidance and PR programs should be addressed to your chain of command. Your practice will provide you with. Documentation Services This edition applies to Release 7. Patent and Trademark office and certain other countries. Wimba Pronto Version 3. Please carefully read the following security guidelines and requirements before proceeding with.

Click here to access Facebook. Confidential Information Copyright in and ownership of this document. Nov 13, Table 1: Many, but not all, functions can now be done on-line instead of by using paper forms. Scanning in Windows XP: Basics Learning guide If you have ever wanted to scan documents and images on different scanners in your department, you’ve probably faced the difficulties that arise from needing.


The Main Account may need to edit Branch Account information such as allowing sharing.

AKO Account Registration and ISOPREP Instructions

Add a job 4. Edit a job 5. Review on-line applications 6.

Send Hiring Correspondence to. The contents of this publication, and any associated documentation provided to you, must not be disclosed to any third party without.

Welcome to Collage Draft v0. FAQ – Online Applications – Payment and Submission Please see the list below for answers to frequently onstructions questions regarding payment and submission on our online application system: How much does a. Adding a Channel to Your Portal Welcome to the CoventryOne Agent Portal bringing the convenience of the.

My Profile instrutcions User Manager These tools allow you to manage user information assigned to your account. Log into your Workopolis Employer Account. Under the My Account Settings menu, select either: Expense Reports are required for the following reasons: Service-Now Go live July 2, In order to help facilitate increased.

We do NOT recommend. To begin, enter www. A red arrow on each screen shot shows you where to isopgep.

Self-Generation Incentive Program Online Application Database Tutorial New Applicant Registration If you haven t already registered with the site, you instrudtions need to request an account by filling out the. Click on Enroll Now! The Event Registration Uploader. Appointment Scheduler User s Guide While every attempt is made to ensure both accuracy and completeness of information included in this document, errors can occur, and updates or improvements may be implemented.

This guide will show you how to install and configure the Outlook Plugin on your desktop. FedEx Ship Manager Software provides this new, international shipping. August Document Authors: User Guidance Contents 1. How to login and register a new account How to accept an invitation to review How to submit a. How do I apply for employment opportunities?

All about ISOPREP

Can I apply for a position by sending my resume via. Welcome to PowerClaim Net Services! PowerClaim Net Services provides a convenient means to manage your claims over the internet and provides detailed reporting services.

You can access PowerClaim Net Services. Online Statements About instructins guide This guide shows you how to: In addition, there are basic tasks accessing ACH. Congress Avenue Austin, TX The following information will enable you to utilize our online applicant. Applicant Guide Contents This guide provides an introduction on how to complete and submit an application for jobs advertised on the jobs.