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This Japanese literature collection contains four translated stories from two of Japan’s most beloved and acclaimed fiction Izu Dancer, Yasunari. The Izu Dancer & Other Stories [Yasunari Kawabata, Yasushi Inoue] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Japanese novel. The Izu Dancer. Yasunari Kawabata. 14 June April first Japanese to receive Noble prize in Literature. Kawabata’s books have.

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Eikichi invites him to a nearby public bath to relax and share stories. In front of a shabby old inn the older woman glanced tentatively at me as if to take her leave. The remark somehow startled me. If she is right, I said to myself, then the dancing girl will stay in my room tonight. This story has been filmed many times and I’ve seen four versions of it. The water bubbled clear and clean from shady rocks. Soon the younger women and the man came in.

I thought I could hear a drum in the distance.

The Dancing Girl of Izu – Wikipedia

The big difference here is in the performance of the leading female role, that of the Izu dancer. Perhaps an hour later I heard them getting ready to leave. Below the bath-house the river, high from the rain, flowed warm in the South Izu autumn sun. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The sea was so rough that it was hard even to sit up.

Izu no odoriko () – IMDb

It was short like the story and needed less padding than the other versions. Izu Dancer and Other Stories Embed.


As my breathing became more painful I felt a perverse recklessness, and I pushed on faster and faster, pressing my knee down with my fist at each step. Instead she stayed with me, and the two of us played checkers. The dead leaves rustled as they landed,so quiet was the air. It was a relief not to have to play a deliberately bad game. I felt the excitement aroused by the old woman at the tea-house begin to mount.

Eikichi and I, guided part way by a rather disreputable-looking man from the Koshuya, went on to an inn dander to belong to an ex-mayor. I pushed myself on faster, and on she came, two yards behind, climbing earnestly and intently.

Eikichi became very sentimental. And when she spoke I would pause, hoping that she would come up even with me, but always she waited until I had started out again, and followed the same two yards behind. One of the family is a dancing girl of 13 and she and the boy, instantly drawn to each dnacer, seek ways to make the most of the few days their paths cross.

The others fell behind, until presently I could only hear their voices through the trees; but the dancer, skirts tucked high, came after me with tiny little steps.

For a time the mountains hid the sea. I stood dumbly wondering what to do. Written in the first person by the student, the story comes off as a wistful reminiscence of a youthful travel made pleasant by the attention received from a beauty so young and fresh.

The version is easily the most beautifully crafted of the three live-action versions I’ve seen. A coming-of-age story about a young brother and sister whom spend a pivotal summer in the country with their grandparents.


It’s implied that this encounter triggers the ozu remembrance of his brief encounter with “the Izu dancer. I had seen the little dancer twice before. My anguish of last night no longer seemed very real. Fleur is the blue angel in one of Hong Kong’s “flower houses” – bordellos and night clubs of the ‘s.


One way was a little steep, but it was more than a mile shorter than the other. Audible Download Audio Books. Also, there’s a subplot involving the girl’s search for a woman who may be a relative a sister?

Chiyoko and Yuriko went over to the restaurant a little later, and in an hour or dancr the four of them came back. Sometimes I would speak to her, and she would stop and answer with a startled little smile. Tsurunoya’s son Mitsuo Hamada Adapted from a famous short story in Japan, The Izu Dancer is the story of a male teenager on vacation in the Izu peninsula who encounters a thirteen-year-old girl who is dnacer of a travelling troupe of performers.

There’s a title song performed by the star over the opening credits, which is then reprised about an hour into the film during a sequence showing the group’s travels. Search for ” Izu no odoriko ” on Amazon.

Her open contempt excited me.