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If God is not alive in you, you are not alive on this earth. For centuries and centuries you have been taught wrong, and the result is God has. Jaap Sahib Steek-Prof Sahib Singh-Punjabi by toshaak in Types > Books – Non- fiction, sikh Mahan Kosh Vol 1 Kahan Singh Nabha – English Translation. Jaap Sahib (Steek) (Punjabi). Read more steeks on Sikh Scriptures by visiting Uploaded by Singh Translation of Jaap Sahib in.

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God is adorned by all. God is Impenetrable, Impalpable, Impregnable, and Undismayed.

Salutation to God who is respected jxap all the three worlds. The glories sung by Guru Sahib revolve around the following attributes of God:. God is nearest to all.

Jaap Sahib – Wikipedia

God is Animate forever. Good luck with your practice, Ji! Salutation to God who is free from all ties.

God is the creator of the whole universe; self-illuminated and He is the Maker and Breaker of the universe. God is the Destroyer of all evils and curses. God is the enlightened Lamp of illuminated beauty. Salutation to the Destroyer of all. God is the Ocean of numerous virtues and He is broadminded. So basically, the idea of the mantra shib, it gives you the key to the opening of that hemisphere where you want to be.


God is Incorporeal and without name. Learn how your comment data is processed. OngKar Kaur Khalsa says: God is Uncreated, Perpetual, Imperishable, and Permeates everywhere. God is Immortal forever.

Salutation to God who gives freedom from tartarus. God illumines the minds of saints. God is adored by all minds.

> Sri Jaap Sahib English Translation | from dusk to dawn

If you want to live with your hurts and you want to cause yourself the hurts, that is a different science and a different theory.

God is Impalpable and Indestructible. Pages using citations with format and no URL CS1 Punjabi-language sources pa All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles to be expanded from December All articles to be expanded Articles meaningg small message boxes.

July 30, at 9: God is the Destroyer of all. Salutation to the Inimitable. Salutation to the Sustainer of all. Salutation to God who is the Highest Cluster jaaap living beings.


God cuts the hard chains of cycle of transmigration of soul. He is Incorporeal, Unborn and He is not fixed on a particular place. If you can proceed in that rhythm, you can find that oneness. The Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh were in a position to run at the speed of a horse.

God is the real Truth, Peace and all Pleasure. Salutation sahiv God who does not require any jasp. God is Sustainer of all.

God is self controlled One. God is the Creator of all the languages. Salutation to the Compassionate. God sustains and protects the innocents.

Jaap Sahib

God gives beautifcation to all. This section needs expansion. God is the Master of the whole world. God has neither caste, creed or any dynasty.