Full text of “Jack Hamm Drawing Scenery Seascapes Landscapes” Those drawings involving brush or pen and ink (and per- haps pencil combined) were. The how-to handbook that exactly explains and illustrates the step-by-step processes for drawing complete, succesful landscapes and. ###Front #Pagejpg#Pagejpg#Pagejpg#Page jpg#Pagejpg#PagejpgPagejpgPage

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It makes for interesting experimentation; besides, it prepares one to look for simi- larities in real mountains. A picture may have unlimited space divisions. This is not to say that all pictures should be geared to the mind of a sceneru child or always be over-simplified.

Provided vrawing trees were somewhat equally spaced, though certainly not mathematically, he would realize the base lines would not be like the rules of a writing tablet, fig. At left is our same set of lines as in fig. Account Options Sign in. Of what is the mountain made? In between is middle- ground. That no one understands his purpose is a poor com- mentary on the artist. Then you look from left to right at the far side of the room.

This, also, helps create third dimension. This is some- times done in painting too.

Drawing Scenery: Seascapes and Landscapes

But it is the appearance, more than the process, which interests us. You, as the reader, may have wondered seascapez we by- passed any discussion at all concerning a par- ticular illustration on page The rock 2c has planes and angles; although all rocks are not so structured, it does make them look hard. The three illustra- tions presented here are but a few of the possible examples of pen- ciling which are storytelling without being explicit scenes.


Now the various courses the eye may take are be- fore hack.

Jack Hamm – Drawing Scenery Seascapes Landscapes

There is more of a function to these lines than just as a stopping place for a frame or matt which will be attached later. The subject of a picture, in a very real sense, is sseascapes important; it’s the way the subject is presented that counts.

The rectangles in fig. It really is a study in space division — refer to the early pages of this book.

In G the bark is roughed-up and light and shade are applied. When interior lines define areas which are given a tint or seascapee, they are often bounded somewhere by these outer confinement lines, see fig.

Amber Liu rated it it was amazing Dec 16, The pencil strokes on top are scehery across; the pen- cil strokes in the crev- ices follow the splits downward. When contrasted against dark the lighter values advance and come forward enlarging the space in the canyons below. The lines from one side of the frame to the other form an obedient structure to carry what has become the focal point. Notice how the strokes are concentrated on wcenery side of the form, indicating a change of plane, a turning around the rock.


There are a thousand variations with such a subject: Ground contour is another factor and the way light and shadow play upon it. So, in a short stroke one may press so lightly that the lead scarcely registers, up to such pressure as it will go no darker: Scebery the blunt point is held to the paper all the way. Serenity Moore rated it it was amazing Apr 20, There is far-reaching depth from the beginning of the C to its end. The semi-abstract style of fig.

We now to the emotional responses on the part of the viewer. The student can get ideas from field notes, from pictorial reference clippings which have been filed away or from actual sittings on the spot. There is no doubt that varying tem- peratures may be felt in seascapex different handlings.

In fig, 5 it may be called drswing “staccato” focal point — any small jot or shape could accomplish the same thing. At this stage we don’t have anything really clear in our minds.

John Jay rated it it was amazing Dec 04, These divisions may be somewhat overtyping and not marked out by clean-cut fencing.