Retrato único de una ciudad y sus entrañas, El gran desierto es la segunda novela del «Cuarteto de Los Ángeles», tetralogía. El gran desierto has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: Can you dig this, hepcat?It’s January 1, in Los Angeles. A witch hunt for commie. Buy El Gran Desierto (Negra Zeta (Paperback)) Translation by James Ellroy ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free .

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As this book is all plot, it’s hard to say much about it without giving anything away. Preview — El gran desierto by James Ellroy. Ellroy’s absorbing plotting makes the book compulsively readable.

Ellroy has been called the “Demon Dog of American crime fiction. Three cops caught in a hellish web of ambition, perversion, and deceit. He works as a fixer for Howard Hughes, and his cozy relationships with the crooks and film industry folks make him the perfect bag man and troubleshooter for the Red hunting enterprise. He said he was doing his part to undermine the American system of jurisprudence.

On the other hand it’s an absolutely spellbinding piece of storytelling. I’m older, but you’re far better looking. As I was drawn deeper and deeper into the story, I once again found myself caring how things would shake out for the detectives and what the consequences would be. Along the lines of the tone of the darkest noir, Jim Thompson stuff, but also reminds me a bit of Hunter S. This novel is striking, for better and for worse.

Other books in the hran. The three stories of Danny Upshaw, Mal Considine and Buzz Meeks interlink over the Communist ploy to good effect and later on over the homicides. Confidentialand White El,roy —were international best sellers. But ellgoy, ultimately, is okay, because he navigates the sociopolitical one which is obviously more what he’s desjerto for quite awesomely.


El Gran Desierto : James Ellroy :

Some of the turns of phrase, the throwaway lines, the stream of conscious insights are magnificent. There are some drawbacks. He’s a writer of incredible economy, sentences rarely exceed more than a line and the action comes in short, sharp bursts, which is good, when the action drives hran story. But one hundred pages in I was stunned not just how great is is, but how much I was enjoying it. There is a whole cadre of characters and difficult to stay on top of them all.

Both of them are fascinating characters. The setting isLos Angeles.

These criticisms do not take away from a rip-roaring read, one crafted in a beautiful and innovative style and really placed me in the dark quarters of mob violence, police corruption and societal complicity of the s. Like a step down in depravity from that world. Also features Howard Hughes, Mickey Cohen, bestiality, teamsters, wolverines, necrophilia, heroin, bl Ellroy crossbreeds the detective novel, historical, and gothic horror; so we get an analysis of the impulses and pathology behind historical events and figures, a Boschian canvas of human depravity, a crackerjack plot, ellrou three unlovable gtan compelling protagonists living on the edge.

I’m kicking myself for not reading this sooner.

He might just have an opinion about what it might mean to Make America Great Again. Some better editing might have cleared this up.

The second book, The Big Nowhere, happens in the early fifties focused on a series of murders of gay men in L. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Some of the more interestingly drawn supporting characters include a sexually voracious heiress with Communist sympathies, a plastic surgeon with the disconcerting habit of picking his fingernails with a scalpel whose clients include movie stars and gangsters, and the absolute apotheosis of corruption, the smiling, blarney-slinging monster cop, Dudley Smith.

But perserverance paid off, and it is in the later third of ‘The Big Nowhere’, I was sucked right into the narration and could only marvel at the way Ellroy tied up disparate threads jamee. The title suggested cut to order crime, it was is if had been made by an online ‘noir-title-generator’. Read more Read less.


El gran desierto by James Ellroy (4 star ratings)

Dudley Smith, too, with his cadre of loyal men, rock-solid position, and fondness for hurting people. All three men have purchased tickets to a nightmare. We’re of equal rank.

Danny Upshaw is a Sheriff’s deputy stuck with a bunch of snuffs nobody cares about; they’re his chance to make his name as a cop James Ellroy is a man so ornery he threatened to strangle Kemper with his lower intestines. View all 3 comments. Ellroy’s explanation is longer and more fun to read, but I ellrpy wish these salient details were woven into earlier chapters permitting elleoy reader to piece together the puzzle in the course of reading. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Danny is an ambitious and upcoming detective and employs scientific techniques to gather crime scene evidence. Deputy Danny E works for County, and he’s an ambitious, intelligent go-g It was written I should be loyal to the nightmare of my choice.

El gran desierto

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Ellroy is known for a “telegraphic” writing style, which omits words other writers would consider necessary, and often features sentence fragments.

The narrative voice between the three characters sold me as fully formed characters, but left desiergo unable to differentiate between the three as unique voices.