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“Gripping a first-rate nail biter.”. —Tampa Tribune. James Rollins—the author of. The use of mass market originals as a farm team for hardcovers has lost popularity, but still works occasionally, as with Rollins, whose three. James Rollins is a pen name of James Paul Czajkowski an American veterinarian and writer of action-adventure/thriller.

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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine D. Time for a breather. A Sigma Force Novel. A large part of her character revolves around her having a daughter back home. While deep in the South American jungle, Conklin’s nephew, Sam, stumbles upon a remarkable site nestled between two towering peaks, a place hidden from human eyes for thousands of years.

Meanwhile, a second, predatory expedition, led by a French psychopath, surreptitiously follows the first, aiming to steal whatever cure the searchers uncover; both expeditions wind up at the isolated home of a legendary tribe and the malignant, giant tree that sustains it.

James Rollins is master when it comes to writing adventure books and this book is so incredibly engrossing that I just couldn’t stop reading.

James Rollins

All action adventure stories need a Joe Kowolski type The mysterious man is delirious with fever and marked for death with paints of a phantom tribe on his flesh. It’s just that towards the end it got a bit too crazy – even for me.

But even Tylar’s skill and magic cannot save the Citadel of Tashijan, ancient Shadowknight headquarters, for something foul lies at the heart of their Order. Of the 4 I read, this one was my least favorite, because it wasn’t as fun and interesting as the others.

Amazonia by James Rollins

Without giving away too much, this book is equal parts fantasy and adventure as it is mystery and suspense. On arrival, they enlist Nathan Rand, the son of the lost researchers’ team leader.


A team of specialists, led by archaeologist Ashley Carter, has been hand-picked to explore this secret place and to uncover the riches it holds. The pace is relentless. The science involved was absolutely fantastic, and I loved every second of it. I highly recommend this book to any science fiction or adventure lovers. The Demon Crown released on December 5, [16] unfolds as an ancient species of deadly parasitic wasp is unleashed upon the islands of Hawaii, where Gray and Seichan are wrapping up their vacation.

Crowe and his team fly over the Arctic Circle to land in Spitzbergen. To be honest Kelly and her daughter were the only ones well developed. Rollins won’t win awards for his prose or characters, though both function smoothly in this boldly drawn entertainment, and there’s little here that isn’t a variation of some classic adventure trope.

Amazonia is a wild-ride suspense novel. I was expecting to read more of the animals, insects, and other weird made up creatures, but instead I was shoved with plants, and a few mildly interesting creatures. The five-installment Banned and the Banished series is about a girl named Elena who “ripens into the heritage of lost power”. Special Forces agent walks out of the Amazon jungle and quickly dies of rampant tumors; what’s especially bizarre is that this man has two arms, but when he entered the jungle five years before as part of a biopharmaceutical exploratory expedition, which has been lost track of, he had only one.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Mystery filled Sci-Fi adventure is an amazing genre for me, I’ve read some books, and also seen some movies regarding these, and I liked them. IndieBound is a community-oriented movement begun by the independent bookseller members of the American Booksellers Association.


Amazonia by James Rollins

Said soldier was the sole survivor of I bought this book because the author has a reputation for weaving geography into his writing, and being a geographer myself, I wanted to see how well amazonoa themes worked. The book also marks the apparent death of Dr. Brooks had been one of the judges for a writing contest at the Maui Writers’ Conference in MauiHawaii[5] in roloins James had entered a manuscript he had recently completed.

Both sides know the station contains vastly important scientific secrets, worth rolins for, but neither side knows quite how the other will fight, or how Grendel itself will complicate matters.

Views Read Edit View history. Of course, view spoiler [Nathan lived, the villain got killed, they found the cure for the disease, and everyone lived happily ever after.

I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes when he saved the day – all day, every day, while everyone else looked on helplessly and this includes army rangers!!! View Prev View Next. View all 3 comments. Please select what book this review is for.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And I thought Amazzonia reasons for desiring vengeance was a little too. But the nightmare that awaits Rand and his team of scientists and seasoned U.