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7 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from ‘jebemiseknjiga’ hashtag. Top posts. Jebe mi se nije knjiga za decu, ali jeste knjiga za dete skriveno u odrasloj · Zvezde retko kada zaista padnu na zemlju. Mnogo češće se kao slučajno. Slovenian. 2. izd., 2. ponatis. Ljubljana: Mladinska knjiga. 3. Jebe mi se: najuzvišeniji duhovni put by John C Parkin. Jebe mi se: najuzvišeniji duhovni.

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They truly jebee and take time to smell the roses. The text is well written and funny. I do most definitely recommend this book if you don’t mind a bit of tongue-in-cheek consciousness streaming mixed kbjiga with your philosophy.

The Ultimate Spiritual Way may not be prize-winning literature, but it is enjoyable and worth the read for its fresh approach to life and all its demands. No need, just remember that whatever happens, if you end up with 0 then you can just go on benefits and soon find a house to live in and then get a job and everything will be back to normal! I personally enjoyed the irreverence and humor of the first half of the book and knniga a bit like Mr.

I chose this novel on a whim and am glad I read it. It’s snappy, it’s quirky, it’s witty and it is at times hilarious. I didn’t even finish it. There are a few points when he actually writes the word “fuck,” and it knjiya invigorating, but only for a moment.

F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way

The Ultimate Spiritual Knjiha definitely has shock value, if for no other reason than for its title and provocative word choice. A good enough spouse, child, parent, employee, person, citizen?


It is not a giving up but a relaxation of one’s expectations of one’s job, society, and of life. The asterisks on the cover are cute, but it gets frustrating when the author uses the same approach to cursing throughout the text.

Open Preview See a Problem?

Well, if you stop trying to cure it and stop caring about it then you will find it starts to heal itself. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Saying these two kjniga words can kniiga most of the stress and stressors in our lives because we will no longer take things so seriously, especially those things we cannot change. No matter how much he tries to prove that all theories work or don’t work in the same I thought I got rid of this once and for all, and then Goodreads sends me a mail next day to remind me of it.

Well, what’s the worst that could happen? I borrowed this book filled with hope, the title was intriguing, and I wanted to see how many points I was already living to their fullest. This is why it’s hard to lead a successful life whatever that means to you when you don’t know what you want. Indeed, there is merit in this i I love snark, also called sarcasm. Parkin knjjga back to the idea of relaxation and letting going of meaning. I appreciate the idea but it is a very simplistic view of a complicated idea which could end up with negative consequences if read by someone in the wrong mindstate.


These two words can, according to the author, offer a freedom and release that are equal to most religious or spiritual disciplines but without the judgment of I’m right and you’re wrong and therefore will burn in hell.

Dec 28, Charlotte Buried in Books rated it it was ok.

Fuck it or jnjiga fucked. You can only see the word so many times, applied to so many situations, before it becomes knnjiga slightly obscene and pointless turn of phrase. I love snark, also called sarcasm. And some illnesses don’t get better at all. As others reviewers have pointed out, the title really does say it all.

All to a certain extent of course. However, that is not true. So I almost feel churlish pointing it out at all, except that I’m concerned that some readers may be put off slightly by the looseness of the writing, no matter how much I might agree with the fundamental philosophy contained herein.

As soon as you say fuck it just so that things will get better, then you are still placing meaning onto the thing and therefore you are still caring so aren’t really saying fuck it, and therefore it won’t improve. Perhaps I should say fuck it to worrying about what people think of me.

Apr 28, Vicky rated it did not like it. That is two stars. Those people that piss you off?