Abstract for JES2 Initialization and Tuning Guide · How to send your comments to IBM · Summary How to initialize JES2 in a multi-access SPOOL configuration. JES2 Initialization and Tuning Guide. z/OS JES2 Initialization and Tuning Guide contains the following information in support of JES2 Email Delivery Services. JES2 initialization statement and parameter summary tables · JES2 initialization statement descriptions · APPL(jxxxxxxx) – Application Characteristics.

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Consult your local IBM representative for information on the products and services currently available in your area. This can be combined with trace ID 20 to get a picture of the general overhead of output selection overhead.

TSO logons are delayed. However, connectivity speed is not the main benefit.

CHANGES Summary of changes

If it is done in one checkpoint cycle, the process takes less than a second and less data is written to the checkpoint. When operating in a MAS, note that you should summarize the statistics to give the complete picture.

You can change the value dynamically using an operator command or the online SDSF interface. We do not recommend placing both checkpoints on coupling facility structures or placing the primary checkpoint on DASD and the secondary checkpoint on a coupling facility structure.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. IBM may have patents or pending patent applications covering subject matter described in this document. Table 2 provides a list of the JES2 resources and the corresponding initialization statements that you can adjust.

In some cases similar considerations can apply for the use of SYSOUT print classes and the routing of such output to go to particular printers or to be printed at particular times.

This portion of the cycle then updates the storage queues of the system that is holding the checkpoint. The limit on the number of job output elements JOEs is JES2 Performance and Availability Considerations 3 There are two methods of operating a multi-access spool MAS configuration to provide individual members access to the checkpoint data set: Together they form a multi-access spool configuration MAS.


Additionally, be aware of how this information uses references to printers: The holding area is called spool space. Classes are set up by your site, for your site. JES2 Performance and Availability Considerations 19 Because the primary concern is performance issues, the number of requests, the source address space, and the time to complete the requests are usually the first indicators of a problem.

Checkpoint allocation summary You can be use the values in Table 1 as starting points for checkpoint allocation. You can send license inquiries, in writing, to: So, short holds of, say, 0 to 10 can cause various JES2 Performance and Availability Considerations 5 processes to take too long to complete too much checkpoint thrashing. Releases the software lock. Figure 1 on page 6 provides a chart with guideline values.

RMF Coupling Facility report for analysis of delays when the checkpoint is resident on a coupling facility. You can then analyze the trace information that is in the dump.

This is especially useful for intermittent performance issues where the environment might go for hours without seeing a problem. However, this only caters to the physical residence of the data. You should adopt dual or duplex mode. Purpose of this information This information describes JES2 initialization statements and their parameters and provides summary charts that highlight details of the statements. It discusses the key components of the JES2 infrastructure in the context of performance goals.

The Usermod will require a JES2 cold start.

Abstract for JES2 Initialization and Tuning Reference

On very early mainframe computers, the system read input jobs from a punched card reader, one line at a time, one line from each punched card. In essence, running these traces does not have any significant overhead to the operation of JES2. Most referenced publications are abbreviated throughout the text; their full titles appear in Where to find more information. The prime knitialization is availability.


initializayion JES2 is still a single extent data set and has a very low read-to-write ratio. Whether an RMF report shows the checkpoint as performing well is often immaterial to actual delays that are caused by waiting for access to the checkpoint.

The spool also refers the direct access device that contains the spool data sets.

Note that JES2 spool volumes have more cylinders that are addressable. Tracing adds to this overhead. Queues of jobs awaiting conversion, output, or purge are growing.

“OS/ V2R JES2 Initialization and Tuning Guide” IBM Library Server

IBM has not tested those products initiialization cannot confirm the accuracy of performance, compatibility or any other claims related to non-IBM products. Think of the checkpoint as in two states: It should be noted that access to the spool is initiqlization wholly governed by the checkpoint. Often, it is the total number of trace entries written that highlights the problem. The checkpoint cycle time then refers to the total time it takes for each processor in the complex to obtain ownership of the checkpoint, hold it, and then release control.

Besides simply queueing the input and output, the spooling subsystem schedules it.

To do so, you can use the following command: Retailing and E-tailing Chapter 15 Checkpoint Solutions. WLM increases the number of initiators on lower use systems.