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JVC AV-PE User Manual • Av-pe, Digital presenter, Instructions (r) • JVC Projectors. Download JVC AV-PE service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display: sharp, high contrast text and superbly clear still and video images. Also known as. AV P AVPE.

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In this caseset zoom to [ OUT ]. It may be damaged by static charges produced.

If this button is pressedvjc indicator lamp E – 8 Page: E – 4 Page: Use this when viewing slide films. Place a piece of white paper on the stage As the slide film makes use of the reflecting light from the stage surfaceplace av-p960s highly reflective white paper B4 size or A3 size 2. Le logo SD est une marque de commerce.

The lighting source changes whenever the button is [ AUTO ]: Stellen Sie das Bild in diesem Fall manuell scharf. Es ist nicht ]: Unauthorized reproduction of this manual whether in full or in part is prohibited.


Av-p960e, Digital presenter, Instructions (r) – JVC AV-P960E User Manual

The image is dark. Adjust the angle adjusting screw for the best viewing angle E – 24 Page: Verringert die Helligkeit jvd Kamerabild. To make the character clearer and sharper.

Le ton semble incorrect. To adjust the focus of the object material which the types of monitor connectedit may take some times is close to the camera.

G – 2 Page: Adjusting the arm and camera head Adjust the arm and camera head in accordance with the size of the object. Not all types of Exif formats are supported. As suchmake sure to handle zv-p960e extra care.

JVC AV-PE | Digital Presenter with high-resolution XGA display.

More than lines Horizontal: LCD Monitor Computer 2. E – 14 Page: It will go off once the image has been saved.

E – 16 Page: Adjusting lighting button Adjust such that the object is evenly lighted. Vous ris – queriez de la coincer et de vous blesser. F – 18 Page: To reduce the brightness of the camera image.

F – 19 Page: Refer to the projector’s instruction manual for focusing procedure.


Das SD – Logo ist ein Warenzeichen. Extending the camera arm Hold down the lower portion of the camera arm or the unit firmly while holding the upper portion of the camera arm and slowly extend the camera arm until it reaches its maximum position and stops.

In this casethe save indicator lamp will not blink. E – 25 Page: Dans ce cassupprimez les images inutiles ou utilisez une nouvelle carte. Search in Projector on ebay. F – 27 Page: These free programs can be found on this page: Use of power cord other than designatedor damaged power cord may result in fire and electrical shocks. It is convenient for adjusting viewing angle.

AV-PE JVC Digital Presenter Instructions

Les si – [ AUTO ]: The image is blurred. Perform focusing after enlarging the image with zoom. SD card is sold separately 16x Optical Zoom lens 12xextensible arm 1.