March Notes on the Antisymmetry of Syntax. Bernhard Rohrbacher. University of Pennsylvania. Follow this and additional works at. syntax came into its own as a tool for investigating and explaining typological variation 2″Antisymmetry and Japanese” () English Linguistics, syntax has no tools that can be used to analyze linear asymmetries (see . closer to answering the questions raised by Kayne’s antisymmetry.

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As stated above, the main branching trait for a language is just a tendency and it often shows exceptions. Here again the basic principle of restrictiveness is observed. A nonhead cannot be adjoined to a head. Kayne suggests that in Japanese, the whole of the clause apart from the question particle in C has kanje to the [Spec,CP] tye. A category is a kind of extended node; if two directly connected nodes in a tree have the same label, these two nodes are both segments of a single category.

Once the underlying order is fixed, there come into use different combinations of movements. This assumption is accepted through the current article. He not only makes his general statements, but also gives solutions to word order issues in a number of concrete cases applying his basic proposals about the place of word order in the derivation of syntactic structures.

Kayne’s monograph, snytax the flavour of his formal linguistic approach: How is that done? By comparable, I now mean locally linear.

Antisymmetry – Wikipedia

He claims that a language such as Japanese is truly head-final, since the mass movement which would be required to take an underlying head-initial structure to the head-final ones actually found in such languages would violate other constraints.


Views Read Edit View history. The Antisymmetry of Syntax. The range of possible phrase structures, as statements of Universal Grammar, is reduced to a minimal set.

Subsequently, there have also been attempts at deriving specifier-complement-head as the basic word order. Adjunction of a head to a nonhead is systematically unavailable. The rules of the presented syntactic theory are applied to subword structure and the linear ordering of morphemes is considered. Kayne’s monograph treats a fundamental issue in formal linguistic theories: A study of phrase structure.

Grammatically, there is not a significant difference between the sentence without VP-fronting a and the sentence where the VP moves to the matrix clause b. The following trees illustrate what can be seen as a stereotypical combination of left- and right-branching in English:. This relationship is a primitive in Xntisymmetry theory of linearization, the process that converts a tree structure into a flat structureless string of terminal nodes.

Moreover, this principle must suffice to establish a complete and consistent ordering of syntxa terminal nodes — if it cannot consistently order all of the terminal nodes in a tree, the tree is illicit.

Another generalization about linear order concerns the adjunction of heads.

Branching (linguistics)

He gives several generalizations about the adjunction of syntactic units which are important for the further development aantisymmetry the theory in the following chapters: The following sentence is completely right-branching:.

Origins, Concepts, Methods, and Aims. The definitions above may perhaps be thought to allow BP to c-command AP, but a c-command relation is not usually assumed to hold between two such categories, and for the purposes of antisymmetry, the question of whether BP c-commands AP is in fact moot. It is left-branching insofar as the bar-level projection of the head X’ follows the specifier, but it is right-branching insofar as the actual head X 0 precedes the complement.


Kayne hypothesizes that all phrases whose surface order is not specifier-head-complement have undergone movements that disrupt this underlying order. All considerations obey the basic statement that right-adjunction anyisymmetry forbidden. Antisymetry Linguistics 28 2p.

LINGUIST List 6.1651

Now it is clear why Japanese does not have wh-movement — the [Spec,CP] position is already filled, so no wh-phrase can move to it. On the double object construction. antisymemtry

In a recent manuscript, Kayne has proposed recasting the antisymmetry of natural language as a condition on “Merge”, the operation which combines two linguistic elements into one complex linguistic element. It is generally assumed that languages such as English have a “covert” i.

In a article, the linguist Marc Kanyw argued that a head parameter must only reside at PF, as it is unmaintainable in its original form as a structural parameter. The dominance relation on nonterminals is not a linear ordering, and it is transitive and antisymmetric, but is not total, i.

Branching (linguistics) – Wikipedia

According to DAS, we took movement as a symmetry breaking process and not a process through which uninterpretable features can be checked. The above is not an exhaustive list of c-command relations in the tree, but covers all of those that are significant in the following exposition.

It is in this chapter that R.