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PHOTOALBUM. Detective opera based on the play by Karel Čapek Stage Director – Dmitry Bertman Music Director – Gennady Rozhdestvensky Set and. Vec Makropulos. U.S. Opera Premiere. (in English). Opera in three acts by Leoš Janácek. Libretto by Leoš Janácek. Based on the play by Karel Capek. CAST. Get this from a library! Vec Makropulos: opera. [Leoš Janáček; Karel Čapek; Max Brod].

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By Decemberhe had completed the first draft of the work. Musically, much of the piece has little in the way of thematic development, instead presenting the listener with a mass of different motifs and ideas. Only at the end of the final act, when Makropulos’ vulnerability mamropulos revealed, does the music tap into and develop the rich lyrical vein that has driven it throughout.

Two years after its premiere, the opera was given in Prague, and also in Germany inbut it did not become really popular until a production by the Sadler’s Wells company in London inconducted by Charles Mackerras with Marie Collier as Emilia Marty. His death was reported that same evening.

Prus has been going on for almost a century. Albert Gregor comes in to ask about the case. Vitek’s daughter Kristina, enters. She is a young singer, and praises Emilia Marty, a famous singer she has seen rehearsing and admits that she will never be the artist Emilia Marty is.

Baron Joseph Ferdinand Prus died inleaving no will or legitimate children. His cousin claimed the estate, but so did Albert’s ancestor, Ferdinand Gregor, who asserted that the Baron had promised the estate to him. Each party presented different evidence to support their mzkropulos, but neither could proffer an actual will.

Speaking with makropulls familiarity of these long-ago events, she states that Ferdinand Gregor was the out-of-wedlock son of Baron Joseph who was a very centered and diligent man, contradicting Dr. Emilia says that there is in fact a will, and describes an old cupboard in the Prus mansion where important papers were kept, where that document may be found.

He is already infatuated with Emilia, and makes advances to her.


But Emilia, bored and indifferent, coldly refuses him. However, she asks his help in retrieving a document that will be found with the will.

They found the will where Emilia said it would be, and Jaroslav congratulates Albert on his victory jakropulos if he can prove that Ferdinand Gregor was the Baron’s out-of-wedlock son. Emilia says that she can prove that. A stagehand and a cleaning woman discuss Emilia’s extraordinary performance.

Vec Makropulos | ГЕЛИКОН-ОПЕРА

Jaroslav enters, seeking Emilia, accompanied by his young son Janek, and Kristina. Kristina explains to Janek that she cannot continue her relationship with him. Emilia enters, but spurns them all, including Janek, who falls under her spell, and Albert, who brings her expensive flowers. Emilia tells him Eugenia is not dead, and in Spanishcalls him by a pet name and asks him for a kiss.

All except Jaroslav leave. He demands an explanation of her strange interest in his family, and reveals that the mother of the Baron’s child was recorded as Elina Makropuloswho might be the same as Ellian MacGregorwhose love letters he has read. Prus describes her as a passionate woman with flexible morals, to which Emilia takes offense.

He continues saying that only a descendant of Ferdinand Makropoulos can claim the estate. Emilia offers to buy a mysterious document found with the will, but Jaroslav refuses and leaves. Albert returns and again pleads his love, but Emilia merely falls asleep, and Makropukos leaves. Janek returns, and Emilia asks him to get the document for her.

Jaroslav overhears this, and orders Janek to leave. He then agrees to provide the document himself if Emilia will spend makrooulos night with him.

Emilia and Jaroslav have spent the night together. Though disappointed by Emilia’s coldness, Jaroslav nonetheless gives her the envelope containing the document.

News arrives that Janek has committed suicide because of his infatuation with Emilia. Jaroslav grieves, but Emilia is absolutely indifferent. She leaves the room cpek get dressed, and says that after she has had her breakfast, she will clarify everything. The rest of the party begins to search her papers and belongings. The searchers find many documents and keepsakes, all bearing names with the initials ‘E. Jaroslav says that the handwriting of Elina Makropulos on Ferdinand’s birth certificate also matches that of Emilia.


Emilia returns, drunk and with a pistol, but Albert disarms her. Emilia decides to tell the truth. She is Karep Makropulos, born indaughter of Hieronymus Makropulos, an alchemist in Emperor Rudolf II ‘s Court, who ordered him to prepare a potion that would extend his life.

When the potion was ready, the Emperor ordered his alchemist to test it on his daughter first.

She fell into a comaand Hieronymus was sent to prison. After makropuloe week, Elina woke up and fled with the formula, which proved successful. She has since lived an itinerant life for three centuries, becoming one of the best singers of all time.

She confided her secret to Baron Joseph and gave him the formula, which he attached to his will for his makgopulos. However, the document was lost among the Baron’s papers after his death. The potion is finally wearing off. Elina wanted the makropuos to gain another years of life. As the first signs of old age appear on her face, the others, initially disbelieving her story, come to believe her, and to feel pity for her.

Elina has realized that perpetual youth has led her to exhausted apathy and resolves to allow death to come naturally to her, understanding that a sense of transcendence and purpose come from a naturally short span of life.

Aging rapidly before the eyes of the astonished onlookers, she offers Kristina the formula cpek she now can become a great artist herself. However, Kristina burns the parchment in a candle flame. Elina collapses as she recites the first words of the Lord’s Prayer in Greek. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The New York Dapek. Janacek’s Case at the Met Misfires”. On an Overgrown Path 1. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history.

Vec Makropulos

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Sir Charles MackerrasWiener Staatsopernchor chorus master: Helmuth FroschauerWiener Philharmoniker. Chandos sung in English [9].