The Atlas of Tolkien’s Middle-earth is an essential guide to the geography of Middle-earth, from its founding in the Elder Days as recounted in The Silmar. Karen Wynn Fonstad’s THE ATLAS OF MIDDLE-EARTH is an essential volume that will enchant all Tolkien fans. Here is the definitive guide to. The Atlas of Middle-earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad is an atlas of various lands in Arda. It includes specific maps for The Silmarillion, The Lord of.

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Bag End, Doriathtimelines, battle-plans, maps out area by race, climate, language etc, and suggested pathways taken by the Fellowship of the Ring and the Company of Thorin Oakenshield.

And, having read it, kareb you call it “my precious? I wanted to understand where they were going exactly and see it with my eyes and see the scale of miles, and how the other lands were surfaced compared to it.

The Atlas of Middle Earth : Karen Wynn Fonstad :

View all 8 comments. Atlss you have never read Lord of the Rings, or watched the movie, don’t read this book. Map books Publications by title. Maps of Middle-Earth 3 16 May 09, Indeed, Karen Wynn Fonstad’s The Atlas of Middle Earth truly is one of my favourite and most treasured reference books of all time, period!


It’s worth the money.

The Atlas of Middle-Earth

City maps and floor plans for important buildings are also included. You can find online maps of fonsstad Third Age the time period of the Lord of the Rings but there are some significant geographical changes to the earth that takes place and it can be difficult to fully v If you decide to read the Silmarillion this book makes an excellent companion for visualizing the beginnings of Arda, the Years of the Trees, and the First Age. This being said,actually just reading through it was much what I imagine reading through an actual atlas is like; i.

To ask other readers questions about The Atlas of Middle-Earthplease sign up. Un libro che qualsiasi appassionato di Tolkien dovrebbe avere. Apr 02, Jonny Parshall rated it liked it Shelves: Dust wrapper, first edition. Jul 11, Hypatia rated it really liked it Shelves: Fonstad and Kristina Stingle. A interesting side piece to the Lord of the Rings.

I learned some good new things about the Middle-earth world also, which I’d probably skipped over or fo Being a Middle-earth nut I just had to add this to my collection.

Whoops, I just revealed how much of a dork I am. The summaries are good reviews, and the maps help vis No surprise, but I loved this book.

The Atlas of Middle-earth – Wikipedia

Looking for beautiful books? Are you into Tolkien? Isildur cuts Sauron’s finger and takes the Ring.


Despite being a thorough and well-respected reference book, the Atlas has been known for several mistakes. Maps by vegetation, and language, and people. Here is the definitive guide to the geography of Middle-earth, from its founding in the Elder Days through the Third Age, including the journeys of Bilbo, Frodo, and the Fellowship of the Ring.

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The Atlas of Middle Earth

Be the first to ask a question about The Atlas of Middle-Earth. By its nature, however, the reading material is a little dry and does atoas to hold the reader’s attention.

The “Atlas of Middle-earth” is one of those resources that help to open up Tolkien’s work for the reader in a way that adds to one’s understanding of the original works. Then again, I am fascinated with maps of all kinds, so I suppose I might be a little biased. Page Talk Edit History. Apr 04, Jane Ellen rated it it was amazing.