Description. A Grammar of the English Language by V.L. Kaushanskaya et al. This is a English grammar that was used by colleges in the Soviet Union. Grammar of English / Grammatika angliyskogo yazyka [Kaushanskaya] on Hardcover; Publisher: Ayris-press (); Language: Russian; ISBN Kaushanskaya V.L. i dr. Grammatika anglijskogo yazyka./Kaushanskaya VL. et al . Grammar of English. [n/a] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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The fourth question is ” I left my shoes under the kitchen table. Students gave the correct answer to this question. They consider that the word “under” is a preposition. The fifth question is “If we finish our work kaushanskayz we can go to the movies. The sixth question is ” On Saturdays I work from nine to five.

They consider that the word “work” is a verb. The seventh question is ” Well, I don’t think I will be here to answer the phone”. There are were mistakes, which students made. Only 5 students gave the correct answer to this question.

They consider that the word “well” is an interjection. And only akushanskaya thinks that the word “well” is a conjunction. The eighth question is “Andy knocked on langhage door but nobody answered. They consider that the word “but” is a conjunction, 3 consider tne the word “but” is a preposition.

The ninth question is “After lunch let’s go out for a coffee. Only 6 students gave the correct answer to this question.

They consider that the word “after” is a preposition, 4 consider that the word “after” is an adverb, one considers that the word “after” is a conjunction. So only one student considered the word “after” to be a conjunction. And only one student didn’t know what part of speech it is. The tenth question is “Look! He is sitting on an old chair and is snoring loudly. They consider that the word “chair” is a noun.

Thus, basing on this investigation, we find out students from 2 groups well oriented in the classifications of the part of speech. Answering the question about how many parts of speech are there in English language students gave different opinion, it’s not strange, because many scholars have many controversies.

A Grammar of the English Language by V.L. Kaushanskaya et al.

The purpose of our practical part is to show different parts of speech and their changes to other parts of speech. When we translated from English into Russian languages we can see no changes in the parts of speech.

And we think that almost numerals cannot change their parts of speech. Analyzed this book, we have found that only numerals didn’t change their parts of speech.

It’s very interesting on what the classification should be based – in the form of and changes in shapeor the meaning or function in a sentence, or all of these points taken together, moreover how to classify parts of speech. We assume it should take into account everything: However, it must be remembered that the form can be recognized in any language.

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To analyze, in this case, the classification can languate based on a short and easily applicable definitions. During this research we found vrammar interesting facts, what have been discussed earlier.

Lanhuage scientists rarely adhere to traditional patterns of parts of speech; most of them prefer the original classification and new terms. Those who still adhere to traditional destinations provide 8 or 9 parts of speech.

Despite the logic and sequence of all the classifications, which have been discussed earlier. There was classic and innovative, but they didn’t show us all peculiarities and relationships exist in the language system.

The grammar of contemporary English

The problem of parts of speech is one that causes great controversies both in general linguistic theory and in the analysis of separate languages. The term “parts gra,mar speech” as well as the corresponding terms in Russian, German, French, and other languagesthough firmly established, is not a very happy one.

What is meant by a “part of speech” is a type of word differing from other types in some grammatical point or points.

Traditionally, it has been said that there are eight parts of speech. A problem arose, however, because authorities could not agree on exactly what grammaar parts of speech are. However, the University of Ottawa Writing Centre lists the eight parts of speech as: At first, it was thought that a compromise could solve this dilemma.

The University of Victoria English Language Centre says there are nine parts of speech, including both articles and interjections.

South Texas College concurs. The debate, however, is far from over. The “Cambridge Grammar of the English Language” now claims that pronouns are a subset of nouns.

It also drops the term “articles” and replaces it with with grammxr new category called “determinatives. Not to be outdone, the English Department Linguistics at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, openly admits that the so-called eight parts of speech “is emglish quite enough to cover the reality of English.

This issue is likely going to be discussed for years to come. We have reached all our goals and tasks. We have made a very great, unusual, important and very useful work. Moreover it kaushankaya the first serious and interesting research. We are sure that we have succeeded in this job.

Training in English Grammar M. Handbook of Grammar for English language learners. Functional approaches to the classification of units of the English language.

A modern dictionary of foreign words. Moscow, Publishing House of lamguage “Russian Language”, The history and reasons for the formation of american english, granmar status as the multinational language. Its grammatical and lexical-semantic features. Differences in American and English options in the grammar parts of speech, pronunciation and spelling.


English dialects of the South. Words Directly from African Languages. The dialects in American: Agreement between the subject and predicate in the present tense.

The place and role of contrastive analysis in linguistics. Analysis and lexicology, translation studies. Word formation, compounding in Ukrainian and English language.

The grammar of contemporary English

envlish Noun plus adjective, adjective plus adjective, preposition and past participle. The adverb in English theoretical grammar. Semantic classification of and lexico-grammatical subdivision of adverbs.

Syntagmatic valency of adverbs and its actualization in speech. The use of adverbs of degree with gradable and non-gradable adjectives. Interjections in language and in speech. The functioning of interjections in Spanish and English spoken discourse. Possible reasons for the choice of different ways of rendering an interjection. Strategies of the interpretation of interjections. The problems as the types of sentences in English, their construction, parts of the sentence.

Structure of sentence, parts of the sentence. The development of transform grammar and tagmemic grammar. Semi-notional words connecting two words or clauses. The usage of the Subjunctive Mood in speech in the works of foreign and Russian grammar schools.

A Grammar of the English Language by V.L. Kaushanskaya

Comparing different approaches to the problem of the Subjunctive Mood with the purpose of investigating the material from English and Russian sources. The word is the minimum normally separable. Grammatical structure to a class. The place o grammar teaching.

Presenting and explaining grammar. Exercises on a theme “Grammar”. The fundamental rules for determining the correct form of a noun, pronoun and verb “to grammat in English.

Plural nouns in English. Spelling compositions “About myself”. Translation of the text on “Our town”. English is a language particularly rich in idioms – those modes of expression peculiar to a language or dialect which hrammar defy logical and grammatical rules.

Without idioms English would lose much of its variety, humor both in speech an writing. The grammar of contemporary English The history of parts of speech in English grammar: Parts of speech and different opinions of American and British scientists. The analysis of the story of Eric Segal “Love Story”.

Conclusion During this research we found out interesting facts, what have been discussed earlier.