The Kedara Gowri Nombu is a days fasting period during which vows ( Viradam/Vratham) are taken to propitiate Lord Shiva in his form of Kedareshwara . Kedara Gowri Vratham, Kedareeswarar nombu story in english. Kethara Gowri vrat – english version – how to perform the pooja and the. Kedhara Gowri vradham familiarly known as Deepavali (Diwali) is celebrated throughout India in a grand manner. Without Caste creed, rich – poor differences .

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God gave him a stick to support his body. The Kedara vrata is observed for a period of twenty one days during the month of Purattasi that is from mid-September to mid-October according to the Gregorian calendar. Please exercise caution as the threads may come loose or may hurt them when tangled. Therefore, he proceeded to worship and circumambulate only Shiva, leaving Parvati aside.

Even though most Tamilians in Mauritius celebrate Deepavali grandly, there are quite a lot who also observe on the day of Deepavali, precisely the Amavasyai day of Deepavali, the famous Nombu or Kedara Gowri Nombu.

Kedara Gowri Vratham (nombu) Procedure, Significance and Pooja Timings

It is said that the Kedara Gowri Viradam if started by a family, should be continued for 61 years. This reminds me of the following story of Adi Shankaracharya Bhagavadpada: Unknown October 22, at 4: The first Adhirasam is set aside for Lord Ganesha.


The inner rim of Kalasha is decorated with betel leaves. During the 21 days that we observe the Kedara Gowri Nombu Viradam, the subtle environmental conditions created by the vrqtham, the stars, planetary alignments and the seasons, boost our spiritual practices that are in line with discovering kedwra Ardhanari aspects of ourselves.

After the Amavasya pooja, wash the kitchen tops. Once picked from home, it should be kept down in your home only after you return from the temple.

Vrztham is celebrated on the Amavasya day which comes on or the next day of the Deepavali. Tie the thread after pooja and female should put kedaara to neck with the help of her husband and male need to tie it to right hand with the help of their wife.

My name is sandeep and I have a question as mom expired 9 years ago and I have my dad and Unmarried sister stays in India and I got married and staying in America. Similarly turmeric paste in cone shape is for ganesha. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Kedara Gowri Food Menu Vratnam. It is a common practice during Nombu to keep a thread with 21 fibers and 21 knots. Lord Shiva then pacified Shakthi and then made the Rishi realize the folly of ignoring Divine Mother.

Significance of Kedara (Gauri) Vrata – Deepavali

By continuing to use this kevara, you agree to their use. The pooja items for the Amavasya pooja can be bought the previous evening itself. These vibrations may not be necessary felt by our sense organs, but they are well present and effective.


The Legend and the Kedhara Vrata Story. If the women are unable to take a strict fasting they can consume beverages and fruits alone.

Women should tie it on their left wrists and men should tie it on their right wrists. This Vratam is one of the significant Saivite Vratams.

Hi Sandeep, please reach out to local priest to know for sure. Since then this came to be known as Kedara Gowri.

Kedara Gowri Vrata Mahima | kedaragowri

Begin making the nombu adhirasam after a small prayer to Lord Ganesha. Also, please consult with elders in family for the proper procedure. In Puranas, it is noted that the Lord Vishnu became the Lord of Vaikuntha after performing this ritual. Please consult with elders or local priests. Puja procedure for Kedharagauri vratam 4. He never prayed to Devi and completely ignored Her! Install Lord kedharIshvara swami in a filled pot kalasham.