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Ten days after transpersonal psychologist Wilber married Terry Killam in , Grace and Grit. Ken Wilber, Author Shambhala Publications $25 (p) ISBN. Treya Killam Wilber is Terry Killam when you first meet her. She is a She meets and falls in love with Ken Wilber in a classic but somewhat bizarre romance. When Ken Wilber and Treya Killam met in , it was “love at first touch. Grace and Grit is the story of their life together until Treya’s death five years later.

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And for a couple of people who are determined to see past the ego, they sure seem to enjoy basking in their own.

Mar 25, Kristen rated it it was amazing. Recommended to Kandice by: Against the backdrop of marriage and wilbwr with cancer, the real drama in the story is how both Terry and Ken learn to relate to God.

I did want to quote Treya from page Mar 25, Nom de Plume rated it it was amazing. Everything is “I”, “I”, “I” and “me”, “me”, “me”.

As my high school composition teacher taught us, use examples to make your point, illustrate with details.

Grace & Grit: Spirituality & Healing in the Life & Death of Treya Killam Wilber

If you really want to convince me, help me feel what was special about her. She calls is Passionate Equanimity. Read more Read less.

There is also a list of different cultures and the meanings or interpretations they would assign to cancer: A Brief History of Everything one of his largest selling books and A Theory of Everything probably the shortest introduction to his work.


A profoundly moving love story illuminating the life lessons learned during Treya’s 5-year engagement with cancer. Most importantly, this book cultivated a newfound sense of compassion in me – towards ke, and towards those dealing with disease – what more could we grqce for?

Grace and Grit

I found the story inspiring and beautiful. God lives within us, and Love seeks to become actualized in ordinary, human lives of passionate equanimity. You cannot integrate that which is not first undifferentiated. It is often said griit what women provide for men is gracd, what men provide for women is direction. The narrative includes details of several conventional and unconventional cancer therapies. Yes, I seem to be alone among the sociologists of religion in this regard.

Buy the selected items together This item: This is Ken Wilber’s story, with much of it told through his wife Treya’s journals and letters, of their five-year battle against her cancer, a long roller-coaster ride that ended in her death by euthanasia anf As well as one of the most sincere and amazing love stories I could ever imagine. Wilber writes with exquisite care and understanding. For my part, I would say that my review could have started and ended with, “Hooked at first line.

My friend lent me her copy during the months when my brother was being treated for cancer, and I didn’t know if I would griy able to handle reading about someone who lost gri own battle. My friend Hiromi – to whom I lent this book when her mother was dying of cancer told me she could only read a few pages at a time without putting it down because the shock of recognition and empathy was too great, yet she could not help but read it from cover to cover.


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And before I sing it’s praises, I must say I recommend this to anyone wliber a chronic illness or those caring for someone who has one. Share your thoughts with other customers. This built-up stress thus has nowhere to go, and if they are genetically primed for cancer, this stress can trigger it.

In April, I survived a head-on car crash that I was not supposed to walk away from.

A Response to Grace and Grit

One of the most moving books I’ve read. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. It’s for keen not a feel-good book; he is brutally honest about the toll that Treya’s cancer took on both of them and their relationship, and how two years into their five year journey they almost divorced. Their relationship reflects something of our relationship to God, even while still communicating the human limitations of both of them.

A Theory of Everything: True, physicality can shape your spiritual perceptions. He gets caught in the cost of this, and it tears him apart.

Real help for oppressed people comes from a compassion that is rooted in solidarity — I am not helping you with your struggles; rather, your struggle is my struggle. Ken Wilber is the most widely translated academic writer in America, with 25 books translated into some 30 foreign languages, and is the first philosopher-psychologist to have his Collected Works published while still alive.

I do not know.