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Towards this end, the manifestation of subjectivity in the corpus was studied at different moments of his political career. Mujica manages to place a Weltanschauungin the minds of his listeners, that is, a frame or paradigm for interpreting reality. The same applies to verbs and adverbs, which also connote subjectivity. Through kerbrt triangulation, the objectivity of research findings was increased and preliminary conclusions were broadened. The first milestone is the release of old Tupamaro leadershipfrom prison on 17 March after 13 years of captivity and corresponds to a speech D1, delivered to Tupamaro militants a few days after this historic event.

Charlando con Pepe Mujica.

The struggle for power starts at the core of his political group and gradually extends outwards with time. Subjectivity in the political language of president Mujica: In the same discourse Mujica says: A theoretical framework was developed combining two other theories to reinforce Enunciation Theory,which was insufficient to analyze the social inscriptions of discourse: Mujica resorts to this narrative when he says: Subjectivity is central to the analysis of enunciation.

Consequently, the discursive field of the political depends on kerrbat leading role of the subject in relation to other potential enunciators, and therefore enunciation theory is clearly central for evaluating the dynamics of inter-subjectivity, which is built through the identity and the narrative of the enunciating subject, who designs his utterances in response to other utterances during the process of meaning production and reception.


His first discourse contains his philosophical stance on enunciacon and a reflection on his years in prison: A subjective discourse orecdhioni contains implicit and explicit evaluative markers words that carry a subjective semantic trait and collective representations with which he values or devalues Uruguayans. The term patriada refers to wars of independence and was adopted by the Blancos later to refer to their patriotic insurgencies.

The fourth milestone corresponds to the presidential address of 1 March D4, Focus is placed on the production of language in relation to its users inter-subjectivity and tobackground context. Therestricted sense analyzes the traces a speaker leaves in his utterances, orecchion the extended sensegives consideration to the participants, the situation, the spatiotemporal conditions and the general conditions of message production and reception Kerbrat-Orecchioni.

Ediciones la Banda Oriental. The Construction of Power and Fig. The corpus includes five speeches that correspond to the most relevant socio-historical milestones in a timeline spanning from to In political enunciation the enunciator creates an image of himself and of his addressees appealing to this inter-discursivity. The deictics and subjectivemes in Kerbrat-Orecchioni had to be complemented with other notions so as to be able to analyze the paradigmatic enunciations and discursive strategies of the President.

Data Analysis The procedureinvolvedanalyzing the enunciacipn mechanisms used by Mujicafor creating a narrative with a distinct style. Mujicacreated a narrative that shaped his public image over time, whileinterpreting Uruguayan society differently than his predecessors.

La subjetividad en el discurso político del presidente Mujica: la construcción de su relato

After us, many more will come. The contra-destinatary or negative destinatary, who is the adversary; and 3. As an illustration, the first speech corresponds to a milestone that is of historic political relevance. This moderation was maintained throughout his presidential campaign through a discourse that was constructed around the priorities of citizens. Los hermanos Saravia y su frontera insurgente.


The government myth underlying the political communication program. An objective discourse in which he tries to erase his subjective traces, and 2. Therefore, each milestone corresponds to a new stage in the construction of political power. Mujica presents himself to the country as a orrcchioni of democracy. The two traditional political parties acted under the same power paradigm resulting from the signature of the political pact called Pacto de la Cruz and whenthe National Party or Partido Nacional came out losing.

The enunciation act is at the same time a reply and an anticipated reply.

File:Esquema de comunicacion segun Kerbrat-Orecchioni.jpg

Steering away from structural linguistics, French Enunciation Theory and the American and English Schools of Pragmatics took their origin in philosophy of language orecchkoni arose in response to the limitations of examining language as a closed abstract system.

What matters is the cause, not your last name. The discursive strategies Mujicausesare as follows: In other words, deictic markers require contextual information to convey meaning. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework.

Una historia de los tupamaros: Persuasion and the Construction of Power. According to Riorda