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Spaziale designed and engineered this machine with the philosophy that advanced technology must go hand in La Spaziale S9 Compact 2 Group Volumetric. Technical Features Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting Electronic boiler refill Electric heating system Pressure gauge for boiler pressure . The La Spaziale S9 is also technological advanced yet very simple to operate. The brewing temperature can be individually set for each group.

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The guy at Beanmachines was quite technical and told me the benefits of both systems but I went with the staffs opinion in the end.

Call us and we’ll answer within 40 seconds! Select Star Rating 0. Traditional Espresso Product Purchase Method: Starter Barista Spazaile included in your new espresso machine lease package: Get a FREE quote. The classical and yet modern appearance of the retro-style Espresso machine is a real eye-catcher that still goes with any room decor.

La Spaziale S8 & S9 Commercial Coffee Machine

The S9 boasts 4 programmable dose controls per group and a manual free flow override function, free flow automatic service and all models are available with space for the larger takeaway cups.

The La Spaziale S9 has soft lines features, chrome inserts, elegance and typical Italian design. Add Your Review Your Name: BuyLeaseRent. Choose from a multitude of colours depending upon your requirements. La Spaziale S9 Commercial Coffee Machines are spazialr higher end espresso machine with some fantastic additional features that make them stand out from the opposition.


I used it and I am sure I have made the wrong decision. So we are all very happy! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The additional advantage of the STEAM heat exchange system is that it uses less power and reduces issues of lime scale build up.

Spam Trap, Please Leave Blank. I agree to the website Terms of Use. Cimbali Undici Espresso Machine. Model shown is spazkale group model. Give us a call on or request a call back using the button below. Our lease package includes 12 months on-site parts and labour warranty Extended warranty is available as an option.

I would like to receive offers and news via email. The brewing temperature can be individually set for each group.

Sspaziale have since recommended a friend to the company and they went for the S9. Expobar G10 Espresso Machine. Its got a more aggressive bolder look to it.

La Spaziale S8 & S9 Espresso Machine

Enquiries placed before the end of December. Crem Diamant Espresso Machine. Contact our Award Winning Company. See how this machine compares against its nearest rivals. Thank you for your interest. This machine features a unique patented steam heat exchange system for heating coffee prior to delivery and steam lever controls as opposed to knobs. EK and EK T. With two steam wands the S9 can cope with healthy demand and serve delicious speciality coffee beverages time after time.


The steam is used to heat a small individual boiler for each individual group head, ensuring a constant heat for the water as it reached the coffee in the group head handle, regardless of the lz of drinks currently being served from the machine. La Spaziale S2 Espresso Machine. We got it in white ,a customers always comment on it. Customer Reviews S9 is beautiful Great Machine. Please fill in the form below and press Send, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How Does It Compare?

La Spaziale S9 EK 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine

Use our online form to request a quotation. Most coffee has a sweet spot of 94 degrees, with noticable changes in flavour either side apaziale that magic number so La Spaziale can hit this every time meaning a far better delivery of taste to your customers. Request a Call Back. I think the facelift from the S5 is worth the money too.