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I liked this sweet little thing. Not well known in the West, Layla and Majnun were the “Romeo and Juliet” of Iran. The portrait of Majnun (who went mad over his. Layla and Majnun is a classic story of love most notably expressed by the great poets Nizami Ganjavi and Muhammad Fuzuli. It has been presented in many. f THE STORY OF LAYLA AND MAJNUN Oltj /IclHi Translated Jr om the XVIII War against Layla’s Tribe 76 XIX Nawfal is reproached again 83 7 chapter P a 8 e.

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This is a cruel game.

The day became as dark in his eyes as the night and he raised a plaintive song like a bird at dusk. While each warrior thought of nothing but to kill the enemy and to defend himself, the poet was sharing the sufferings of both sides. He had a litter prepared for Layla — richer out- side, or softer within none could be imagined. One glance at the moon, just fourteen days ee, and he decided to conquer this shining light.

While the cries of the warriors were rising to heaven, blood poured from their wounds into the thirsty sand.

Laila e Majnun – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

You speak well and your words are full of sap, but do you really think that mamnun to lure me into the fire? When they arrived, the whole family surrounded the Sayyid: Perhaps that is what she expects. The closer he came to his goal, the less certain were his steps ; drunk with longing and confused by feverish hope, his lips trembled like the verses of the poem he was chanting.

Gently kissing their laola Majnun sang: Her body was like a cypress tree on which the pheasant of her face was sitting in majesty. They kept the new moon hidden from the fool ; the way to the pastures was now blocked for the young gazelle. What was Nawfal to do? He knew he wanted to produce it. The day of the marriage was fixed. And who would have thought that such overwhelming sweetness could flow from so small a mouth.


Layla and Majnun

He heaps shame and dishonour on himself and his people. His senses are confused, because for him this jewel is the eye of the world. Despair may lead to jajnun just as night leads to dawn, if only you have faith.

What evil eye has cast a spell over your beauty?

Laila e Majnun

The popularity of the romance following Nizami’s version is also evident from the references to it in lyrical poetry and mystical mathnavis —before the appearance of Nizami’s romance, there are just some allusions maknun Layla and Majnun in divans. I cannot loosen them; I cannot throw off my burden.

Seen from outside she seemed mahnun blossom; inside she shed tears of blood. Scott Palmer was stuck. Do not refuse peace to a few survivors!

He left his father and his relatives and ran away, paying no attention to roads and directions. They reached Mecca majnuh. We must warn him of this open well, lest he fall into it. Do not look for me ; I am not where you believe me to be.

If a gust of wind sweeps by, or a cloud sails past in the sky, he believes them to be greetings from her and he thinks he can inhale her scent. While he sat majunn, two strange figures ap- proached. A small crack appeared in his blind happi- ness, he had a foreboding of what was to come; but it was too late.

My enemy has wrenched the juicy fruit from my hand and thrown me, so desperately thirsty, to the ground; now he points his fingers 26 F at me as I lie dying of mqjnun wounds. They guarded her carefully and saw to it that Qays had no chance to meet her. It is not right to sit in the corner, arms folded, doing nothing. There her soul, sadder than a thousand love-songs, would laika for a j while, so that she could forget herself.


It will not be long before this rose-bud blossoms and the thorn-bush has been cleared from the garden gate.

‘Romeo & Juliet’ and ‘Layla & Majnun’: cross cultural combination

Love, Madness and Mystic Longing, Dr. And as, unfortunately, his verses are good and his voice 46 pleasant, people learn these songs by heart. This literary motif is common throughout the world, notably in the Muslim literature of South Asiasuch as Urdu majmun.

He was described as a handsome man with reddish complexion whose name was Ward Althaqafi. Regain your senses before it is too late. This lxila the earth had hoisted a twin-coloured banner of red tulips and yellow roses; and the tulips threw laioa petals, with black sun- spots, over the emerald-green carpet of the lawn, still glistening with pearls of dew.

Will there be no resurrection for you on earth? My sighsmy bitter tears leave you unmoved! What J could he do, what could he say? Why do you even show favour to the enemy? So he did, and every drop of milk he drank was turned in his body into a token of faithfulness, every bite he ate became in his heart a morsel of tenderness.

The mother lost her head like a bird caught in a trap. Un- able to forget her, he thought of her ceaselessly on his journey home — and even more afterwards. If you are determined to kill her — do!

In turn, I am prepared to pay you donkey-loads of maajnun, and if you are ready to accept this proposal, your najnun will sound much more harmonious than this my speech.