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LCA 6 Pin DIP (50/Tube). LCAS. 6 Pin Surface Mount (50/Tube) The LCA is a 1-Form-A solid state relay which data sheet is not implied. LCA is a V, mA, 35Ω 1-Form-A relay. It pro- vides a perfect solution operational sections of this data sheet is not implied. Exposure of the device to. Datasheets, LCAS. PCN Design/Specification, Laser Marking Update 30/Mar/ Online Catalog, LCA, OptoMOS® Series.

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(PDF) LCA110 Datasheet download

Discussion in ‘ General Electronics Chat ‘ started by umbra diaboliAug 20, Aug 20, 1. Aug 19, 2 0. I datashheet not very electronically knowledgeable.

I usually plug things together until they work or the smoke comes out. The datasheet did not come with a basic circuit, so I just hooked up the input side to the 5v rail of a computer power supply and the other side to the same power supply but through a resistor to an LED.

Did I destroy my LCA110 SSR?

My goal was to test my connections before hooking it into a circuit to ensure I was connecting it properly. I did not use a resistor on the input side and was getting a flicker on the led. I wanted a steady on state. Since the first one wasn’t working well, I decided to test other SSRs to see if they did the same datsaheet.

Most of them did nothing. My questions are, did I blow out all of the internal LEDs by not using a resistor on the input side and is there a way to test if they are still working?


If an oscilloscope is needed, Then I’m out of luck. Here is a link to the datasheet: Hopefully I gave enough information. Aug 20, 2. Jul 17, 22, 1, Well, with electronic parts, you really have to read the datasheets in order to get the best performance out of them, or even to simply scan the “absolute maximum ratings” to make sure you don’t let the smoke out.

The absolute maximum for the input control current for continuous operation is 50mA; you can go up to 1A for 10mS, but beyond that – smoke or silent death syndrome. It’s not obvious from the absolute maximum ratings what you will have to do in order to keep the current below that, but it’s safe to say that Ohm’s Law does work.

But, let’s look down further in the datasheet. On page 4, under “Performance Data”, the upper left-hand plot, shows the forward voltage of the LED for various temperatures and current. In the plot to the right of that, we see that the optimum turn-on time occurs when the control forward current is around 20mAmA. So, it would seem prudent to keep the control current somewhere around 25mA. So, we need to figure out what resistance you need to get 25mA current when the Vf is 1.

Here is a decade table of standard resistance values: Use the E12 and E24 columns, as those are usually available.


LCA – IXYS SEMICONDUCTOR – PCB Footprint & Symbol Download

So, to calculate the current, we’ll go 3. Aug 20, 3.

Thank you very much for the very detailed answer. Of the 16 SSRs that I dataxheet with, two of them still work. Wasted money, but at least I learned something.

Nov 27, 4. Nov 25, 1 0. Thanks for the article, Sgt Wookie. Now I can get on with building a remote keyboard that will allow my grand-nephew to play datssheet major chords with his diminished-utility right hand using a rigged prosthesis while only hitting one key.

It is a switch-selected option on the Casio keyboard but it is on the left-hand end of the keyboard.

LCA Price & Stock | DigiPart

ratasheet I’ll use 36 LCAs in the project. Posted by vinylcafe in forum: Did I melt my transformer, and if so, why? Posted by 20voltzener in forum: Did I just blow my speaker? Posted by blah in forum: Did I blow up my adapter?

Posted by Avenyr in forum: Posted by spinnaker in forum: Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers. You May Also Like: Try making your own extra-special brew with the Gentleman Lca10 SmartBrewer! Here are the details you need! Your name or email address: Do you already have an account?

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