Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit. By Mary Poppendieck, Tom Poppendieck. Publisher: Addison Wesley. Pub Date: May 08, Lean Software. Development. An Agile Toolkit. Mary Poppendieck. Tom Poppendieck. Boston • San Francisco • New York • Toronto • Montreal. London • Munich. Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit In Lean Software Development, Mary and Tom Poppendieck identify seven fundamental “lean” principles, adapt.

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I was half expecting a bit of Agile evangelism in the book but I didn’t see much of that at all. Jan 14, David Allen rated it it was amazing. Integrate Early and Often Every development process ever invented had as its primary purpose to find and fix xevelopment as early in the development process as possible.

Simply put, Lean Software Toolkot helps you refocus development on value, flow, and people –so you can achieve breakthrough quality, savings, speed, and business alignment. This is not a bunch of template techniques to pick up and stick on your organisation, it’s about understanding the meaning behind them.

They serve as my personal coach in my efforts to improve.

Create a steady, even flow of work, pulled from a deep understanding of value. Paperbackpages.

Appreciate the Entire Value Stream Design a Great Experience It is not enough for customers to be satisfied, they should love your products. Even then, popppendieck aerospace industry recognized that sequential development of product design, manufacturing process design and product support was costly and non-competitive.

The Predictability Paradox Predictable organizations do not guess about the future and call it a plan; they develop the capacity to learn quickly and rapidly respond to the future as it unfolds.


Writers were a lot ahead of their time when they wrote this book. Great warstories, and backed by sound arguments and research. I’m curious to try value stream mapping an Toolkiit pithy but important book that takes the principles of Lean Agile Software Development and dives deeper into their overarching philosophy.

My strong criticism was that Mary validates Lean leean being a subset of Agile. The best of all, I see from my own work that many of these principles do work if properly followed and communicated to the rest of the team and to the clients. Because lean principles are widely used in other industries, continuous improvement and holistic view is explained in toollkit perspective. There is no such thing as a best practice.

E-mail order to photos poppendieck.

Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit by Mary Poppendieck

Each practice is explained thoroughly and most of them are highlighted with examples. An Agile Toolkit Mary Poppendieck Tom Poppendieck Forewords by Jim Highsmithand Ken Schwaber Adapting agile practices to your development organizationUncovering and eradicating waste throughout the software development lifecycle Practical techniques for every development manager, Decide as late as possible 4. Gave really night background for what agile methodologies like xp and scrum are based on.

Deliver as fast as possible 5. Functional managers are the experts in their function and ensure they building the skills of their practioners. Along those lines I’m not going to try to summarise these, just list them to give you a flavour of it. Credit cards accepted; we will invoice through PayPal. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Find and fix defects the moment they occur.


Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit [Book]

Do you need action photographs showing your company presenting at a conference? He currently assists organizations that need to improve their software development capabilities apply the lean principles and tools described in this book. Jun 09, Seth rated it really liked it.

In Lean Software DevelopmentMary and Tom Poppendieck identify seven fundamental “lean” principles, adapt them for the world of software development, and show how they can serve as the foundation for agile development approaches that work.

The Lean Mindset shows how lean companies really work, and how a lean mindset is the key to creating stunning products and delivering amazing services. Energize Workers The time and energy of bright, creative people are the scarce resources in today’s economy. Refresh and try again.

Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit

Oct 22, Celso Crivelaro rated it really liked it. Much has been learned in Toyota about developmeht to streamline product development and in all the cases presented it’s clear the lessons and philosophy can be applied to software product development.

One of only a very few books that I haven’t finished in my life! Mary PoppendieckTom Poppendieck.