A few years ago I developed a process I call the Lefkoe Stimulus Process (LStP). It is specifically designed to eliminate the emotions that are. Lefkoe Institute. Steps of the LefkoeStimulus Process (LStimP). 1. What negative or unpleasant emotion do you want to eliminate? Client’s answer: (1)_____. 2. The Decision Maker® Stimulus and Sense Processes During this period we used the DM Belief Process on several occasions to assist clients to work on.

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In other words, a stimulus that normally would not produce a response does so because it gets associated with a stimulus that does produce a response.

He explains how to eliminate this suffering by eliminating the core beliefs that fuel it such as “I’m a failure. Very often we experience negative feelings in our life on a recurring basis, such as fear, anger, guilt, anxiety, and sadness. When the client procrss the cause of the feeling of fear, he discovered that the fear was not inherent in being asked to do something.

Beliefs about other areas of life—such as work, politics, relationships, and aspects of society—usually are formed when we encounter stmulus. We usually assumed that lefioe was another belief we hadn’t yet discovered, but eventually would. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive weekly Support and Inspiration Email.

How to stop emotional eating (and other compulsive behavior problems) for good

Using The Lefkoe Method, Morty and his colleagues have helped over 12, clients get rid of a variety of behaviors and negative feelings, including the fear of public speaking.


Click here to search for a Treatment Center that is right for you. In many cases the events lefloe stimulate the feeling in us do not produce the same feeling in others, and vice versa.

I am personally very grateful that he continues to write in it his new thoughts and techniques. You get a video that guides you into eliminating a belief when you join our newsletter. They put his work into concise and clear terms. The words describing an emotional sense can include emotions, colors, shapes, bodily sensations, and concepts.

This woman fed herself when she wasn’t feeling loved and wanted to feel loved. This classical conditioning would make it difficult enough to stop over-eating. Bill May 19, at 7: What appears to have happened is anything that occurs repeatedly or even once if the incident is traumatic enough at the same time that something else is causing an emotion will itself get conditioned to produce the same emotion. Because many emotions are caused by beliefs, getting rid of the relevant beliefs can frequently eradicate negative emotions.

Call now to discuss addiction treatment options The Mechanism For Emotions is Hardwired Many emotions are caused by beliefs, for example, the belief that Dogs are dangerous will result in an emotion of fear when confronting a dog.

I will pass it on to all of my friends.

***How Can I Use The Lefkoe Method? Part 1

It is important to realize that most of our emotional problems—such as anxiety, depressionanger, and sadness—cannot be eliminated totally merely by eliminating beliefs. To a prosperous and joyous I decided then to figure out how to permanently eliminate emotional eating, not just for him, but for others as well.


I’ve experience enormous and recurring relief, knowing that I don’t ever have to struggle again, and I’m lefkod worthwhile. How will I survive if I cannot count on them?

Why we have negative emotions … and what to do about them. It has helped me incredibly in my life!

C October 6, at 6: The original source of almost every fear you experience today is the perception that your survival is being threatened. Imagine that I handed you an ice cream cone with one hand and made a fist with my other hand and drew it back as if to hit procese.

Getting Rid of Beliefs is Not Enough – The Lefkoe Institute

Free Self Improvement Newsletters. Being told to do things just happened to occur at the same time as something else that constantly caused fear.

There are, however, emotions in adults that appear to be caused by something in addition stimulu beliefs.

Much to my surprise, in most cases there were very few beliefs involved. For many years I thought that virtually all of our behavior and feelings were caused by beliefs.