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KE USER GUIDE. Some of contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software version of the phone or your service provider.

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Disposal of your old appliance 1.

Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact Prada phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology. Please read all the information carefully for optimal performance and to prevent any damage to or misuse of the phone. Please read these simple guidelines. Not following these guidelines may be dangerous or illegal.

LG KE Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Malaysia

Further detailed information is given in this manual. Do not hold the phone in your hand while driving. Avoid placing the phone over pacemakers, i. Use only LG batteries and chargers. Make sure your hands are clean and dry. You can activate various functions related to messages. Used to access the phonebook list. The screen displays several icons.

These are described below. Indicates that you are using GPRS. Indicates that you are using EDGE service. Indicates that you are out of network or under weak signal.

Press the battery release latch and lift the battery cover from the bottom of the phone. Removing the battery from the phone when the power is on may cause the phone to malfunction. Make sure that the SIM card is inserted properly and that the gold contact area on the card is facing downwards.

To remove the SIM card, press down lightly and pull it in the reverse direction. Ensure the battery is fully charged before using the phone. With the arrow on the plug facing down, push the plug on the charger into the socket on the side of the phone. Make sure your phone is powered on. In standby mode, tap icon. Enter a phone number including the area code. To edit a number on the display screen, simply press the key to erase one digit at a time. As you press each key, the phone begins to display the characters that it thinks you are typing based on a built-in dictionary.

LG Prada KE850 Manuals

The ,g screen consists of the menus as follow: The default mode is Black theme. Your phone provides a number of control functions that you can use during a call. To access these functions during a call, press the left soft [Options].


If you activate Key lock, you can select Mute key. The display and keypad backlights will turn off after a few seconds while in a call if no keys are pressed. Kke850 turn on the backlight press any key. DTMF is not sent when the backlight is off. To activate the keypad in a call, press the on the side.

This icon refers to the menus related to call, message and browser. If you select this icon, you can make a call, and send a message. You can enter Dialing, Message and Contacts menu directly in standby mode by tapping the corresponding icon. Tap icon or menu icon in standby mode. Tap Search in Contacts menu. You can view the list of contacts you saved. If you want to edit, delete, or copy an entry, select icon. There are 7 groups you can make lists to.

LG Prada KE850 User Manual

The number and name if available are displayed together with the date and lb at which the call was made. Contact your service providers to obtain charging unit prices. To select the currency or unit in this menu, you need the PIN2 code.

New text message You can write and edit text message, checking the number of message pages.

LG KE Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.K.

Options menu in Slide tab Insert: In the Inbox folder you may save not more than 20 messages, in Drafts and Outbox folders – 5 messages, and in Sent folder up to 10 messages. After sending the message successfully, the message will be moved to sent menu. You can send the message.

These services are specially designed for mobile phones and they are maintained by WAP manial providers. Security certificates Menu 5. Do not change the default folder names, or it will not work properly. You can delete the selected image. If you tap the icon in a list, you can view the submenus as follows in Thumbnail view: In Continue to play popup menu, you can activate this function if you manal Yes. If you convert the screen to wide version, you can use the functions as follow: A few specific files may not be activated FF Wide screen Full screen You can set the image file as a wallpaper as follow: Maximum up to 24bit – PNG: No limit Documents Menu 1.


Press the key lgg least two seconds to enter camera capture mode directly. Or, tap the Multimedia icon, and then select Camera menu. Focus on the subject to capture the image, and then press the key. If you tap on the screen, you can view the menu as follows: Brightness Menu Icon Setting You can change the setting.

Mode You can change the mode from camera to camcorder. You can move the picture to Folder each folder. You can go back to previous Cancel menu. Once the settings are displayed on manuap screen, you can scroll through mqnual touching the icons. Scroll to the setting you wish to change, tap the screen and it will bring up the setting values. Scroll to your preferred choice. If you select with no voice file, you can view the submenus as follow: You can enjoy listening to MP3 music files on a memory in your phone using a compatible headset or via the internal loudspeaker.

Because of the small dimension of the Press the MP3 key on the side of the phone to manusl the MP3 player. Then kd850 the play list to play. Press the left soft key manjal following menus.

Options Volume control 1. You can play or delete downloaded applications, or set the connect option. Default games Menu 7.

If you want to know the contents of games, you can use Help in a game. TOOLS You can use various tools installed in the phone such as alarm, calculator, world clock, unit converter, and scheduler.

Select On and enter the alarm time you want. You can select one of seven unit types by tapping the menu. Input the number you want to convert in each bar. It’s impossible to input “-” symbol in unit converter. If you want to reset the value, tap Reset. A few items of background such as the butterfly or the clock can move with a finger. There are five preset profiles: General, Silent, Vibrate only, Outdoor, and Headset.

Each profile can be personalised.

Date format Menu 3. Year Time Menu 3. Send my number Menu 3. Auto key lock Menu 3.