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Driver compatible with chronos tv tuner lg tpi8psb02p for Windows. It’s secure, passed G Data antivirus scan!. Total Downloads: If you are looking for lg tpi8psb02p treiber, just click link below. All drivers are tested using antivirus software and %. Hi there, Save hours of searching online or wasting money on unnecessary repairs by talking to a 6YA Expert who can help you resolve this.

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Some of the previous posts show methods of generating analog video with microcontrollers and RF modulation of it using ready made modules. Analog video is no longer in use in most parts of the world. TV hpi8psb02p cards for analog signals are no longer manufactured and old ones are difficult or impossible to install on newer computers because there are no drivers.

Despite this, analog video capture devices are cheap and widely available.

Drivers Supply!: Lg (Tpi8psb02p)

Most are USB dongles, with video and audio inputs, no tuner. Since I lv some old TV tuner cards that were no longer compatible with my PC or had poor performance, I decided to take the tuners out of them. To my surprise, different tuners from different manufacturers looked pretty much the same on the inside.

All of them used the same integrated circuits.

Lg Tpi8Psb02P Treiber

The tuners I found are actually complete receivers, with included demodulator. This means you can get analog audio and video straight from the module pins. There are also modules with FM support, with stereo decoder. In the photo below, you can see two tuners.


Chronos Tv Tuner Lg Tpi8psb02p | Driver

The top one has FM radio support. You can see that it’s similar to the other, but the rightmost compartment has some additional filters for FM IF. The latter is TV only, with no radio support.

Finding the pinout of these modules is not very hard if you analyze the board they came from. Even without this, the datasheet for TSA is available. This is the circuit that controls tuner frequency via I2C bus. Functional modules of the TV tuner Tpo8psb02p take a look at how these modules work.

The RF signal from tpi88psb02p is split in three paths, then filtered and amplified for each of the frequency bands. There are three frequency bands. The amplified and filtered signals are mixed with local oscillators. Other tuners may or may not have all pins. I chose this one because it has FM support, therefore some additional pins for radio audio.

There is a MUTE pin. AFC and VT pins are tpi88psb02p the same situation. MPX contains baseband video signal straight from the demodulator, without any filters. This can be used by to decode VBI teletext data. The modules is powered from 5V. The ground connects to the metal case. All that’s left is to power up the module.

The IC has 4 write registers and 1 read register. Here is an overview. Port bits P7, P5 and P4 select frequency bands. P2 and P0 control operating mode.


When both are 0 not setthe tuner works in TV mode. Setting P0 to 1 forces power down mode for TV demodulator. To switch to FM mode, set P2 to 1. P1 forces mono mode. P6 should be 0, because it is configured as ADC input. Read register contains some important bits.

FL is 1 when tuner is locked to frequency. Let’s write some Arduino compatible code. First, for tuning TV channels. Control byte is set to 0xCA. Ports bytes is set according to the band in which the frequency fits. To set frequency of local oscillator, IF is added to receiving frequency and the sum is divided by tuning step Some changes are required for ports byte. P2 also needs to be 1.

IF frequency is The sum is divided by 50 tuning step. Note that ADC reads what you configured it with the ports byte. Due to the capability of tuning to frequencies between 45 to MHz, programming a tpi8sb02p based user interface for Arduino tpi8pssb02p rather difficult.

A future post will show a programming example of Windows application that uses CHA to control this tuner. Anonymous July 27, at 4: Subscribe Don’t forget to check your email and confirm subscription.

Overview of TSA registers refer to datasheet.