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Lyrics of LIBERTANGO by BOND: So touch, Come closer, So touch, Come closer, The fire between us, Kiss you, And touch you, I want you. Libertango This song is by Bond and appears on the album Shine (). So touch Come closer So touch, come closer The fire between us Kiss you and touch. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term “libertango tango by bond” – from the website.

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Libertango – Bond | Shazam

Astor Piazzolla was a contemporary composer of Tangos, combining both classical and jazz styles. My guess is I think this is the best arrangement. Want to give something back?

Love your funny comments in the score. Give a small token of appreciation! You can’t find the parts because I never made any. The score can be downloaded in the format of your preference: My mail is troredv hotmail.

Many thanks, My email address is: I am quite familiar with chopping as we frequently use it in my fiddling groups to help with groove. Try Samuel Adler ‘s Orchestration for essential info on string technique in general. Uploaded on Feb 14, Could you send my the parts please? The drums are only there for percussion on the playback.


But I cannto figure out how to download the parts. The 1st violin will crunch their bow in those spots.

To print parts, please upgrade to a Pro account first. I tried arranging Libertango myself and had the same problems with the cello part. No need to apologize. Hello, can I rearrange this for string quintet? Can you please send me the parts as well? Do you know how to download the score and then make parts off of that? Please check out our recording here: This is a great arrangement. I’ve been considering having bnod published due to the huge interest people have been showing in it, including professional quartets libertqngo chamber music societies though I don’t think it’s really THAT great.

Try again Violoncellos worked hard on this score. Hey Josiah, I pibertango your arrangement. Definitely the most original version I’ve heard. But also check out his 4 seasons it’s great.

Thank you for your arrangement! Thank you very much! Thanks, those unimportant little comments are basically my signature. I need some advice: If bpnd I would like my student quartet to play in their graduation ceremony.

Why am I seeing this? Can you post the individual parts? Hi, Definitely the best string quartet arrangement for this piece.

Unfortunately, I never made parts because no body has ever played it, but you bonnd my permission to download and extract your own parts. Thankyou for this amazing arrangement.

More by Astor Piazzolla

It took only 2 days to arrange, but it is by far my most popular piece just look at the views! I would add a uprightbass line and modify several parts. Could you libertangl send me the parts,my email: Hi there, would livertango please sending me the parts for this also? I will look into that book. It’s basically the old score, but with the musescore 2 strings soundfont.


This is the same composer as Contrabajeando. The string quartet is one of the group of chamber music that i prefer, and i always love the main melody from the moment i hear when i was a libertangl.

We’ve put our recording online. I never made any parts because it has never been played. We used it before it was updated, and even then it was great! I’m wondering if you sell the parts. Yeah I’m not sure.

Follow to get notified when Violoncellos has uploaded new scores. Thanks for this arrangement! There are many 20th century performance techniques that could assist you hereInstead of placing hand or arm over bow try col legno where wood of bow taps strings in addition “chopping ” and colle for scratch techniques can get percussive new sounds from string instruments.