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change in enthalpy between the outlet and inlet of the machine [2] A. Dadone , Introduzione e complementi di macchine termiche ed idrauliche, CLUT. G. Cornetti: Macchine Idrauliche. Ed. Il Capitello, A. Dadone: Macchine idrauliche. Ed. CLUT-Torino, G. Lozza: Turbine a gas e cicli combinati. Critically analyze a machine and compute its performances both under and off- design working conditions A. Dadone, Macchine Idrauliche, CLUT, Torino.

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Daone and practice, Batsford Academic, London, The Hydraulic and Thermal Machines module aims at supplying the complements of the main fluid-flow machines, with specific reference to principles of operation, evaluation of ddadone and off-design operations of both the single fluid-flow machine and the energy system in which it is inserted. Thermodynamic diagrams and cycles review.

Bedford,9th ed. Reciprocating internal combustion engine fundamentals. Generatore di vapore caldaia e condensatore. Description News Office hours by: Risultati attesi Expected Learning Outcomes. During these activities some practical problems are solved through the application of the theoretical knowledge taught during the lessons.

Regole d’esame Assessment and grading criteria. The test is usually made of 2 exercises: Dimensional analysis and similitude Fundamental and derivative quantities. The course is organized in: Safety factor in fatigue. Prerequisites Students must have good madchine of thermodynamic and heat transmission theory.



Servizi per la didattica. Steam generator boiler and condenser. Four stroke engine valve train and iddrauliche efficiency. Fluid motion ideal Static, dynamic and total pressure. The oral exam is directed to check out the knowledge level over the course contents, the acquired ability to apply the studied models and techniques and the ability to select the proper methodology by self-judgement.

Eulerian and Lagrangian approach.

Loss of load and prevalence. Il Capitello, A. Force on a pipe with variable section and force on a curve. Il Portale utilizza cookie tecnici per migliorare l’esperienza di navigazione.

The problem of cavitation in pumps: Proseguendo la navigazione o cliccando su “Chiudi” acconsenti all’uso dei cookie. The written exam, lasting 1 hour, consists of the solution of problems related to the water resources management modeling.

Reference textbooks for improving the study: The course is composed of two modules, one relative to Hydraulic and Thermal Machines, the other to the design of the Structural Mechanics.

Turbine steam mass-flow rate vs. The exam is composed of two practical problems and four open-ended questions related to the theory one practical problem idraulicne two questions for each part of the course. Delivery modes The classroom training consists in solving exercises and practical problems by applying the concepts covered in the lessons. Essi permettono anche di arricchire le informazioni e capire meglio gli aspetti teorici esposti a lezione.

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From Carnot cycle to Rankine cycle. The general Reynolds transport equation. Density and specific weight. Sample constituted by 70 students. Dal ciclo di Carnot al ciclo Rankine. Combustion in Diesel engine. Invariants of the stress state. Thanks to this knowledge, a large variety of solutions can be described and understood, which make the main thermodynamic cycles run.

Educational objectives The course examines advanced simulation and optimization techniques for complex hydrosystems and describes the main hydrological variables and methods for hydrosystems and water resources management.

The student decides which exercise to face firstly and how much time employ for each exercise. Positive displacement hydraulic machines.

Gestione Didattica – Politecnico di Torino

Multiple-shaft power plant, Combined-cycle power-plant, Accumulation hydraulic power-station. Transformation of primary energy of thermal plants IMT: Extended program The course deals with hydroelectric power and hydraulic machinery, irrigation methods and structures and drainage systems.

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Fatigue strength of the component. Testi consigliati per approfondimenti: Accessory and pumping plants.